Monitor and optimise your website to deliver the best user experience. Take out the guesswork with A/B and multivariate testing by Salmat.
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Why Website Performance Testing?

Don’t let poor website performance lose you revenue and customers. See how website performance testing can help you improve the user experience, supercharge your conversions and work your website harder. Blending our A/B and multivariate testing best practices with advanced testing tools, Salmat unlocks your site’s true potential. 

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    Set Clear Goals

    Start your website testing journey with clear, measurable goals. Establish baselines and objectives. Visualise what you want to achieve. Salmat’s website performance experts help you create goals for success. 

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    Understand User Experience

    Get a deeper understanding of how customers engage with your website. Which pages work and which don’t? What are the barriers to conversion? How do they engage with different types of content? Let our A/B and multivariate testing methodologies find the answers. 

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    Choose the Right Testing Tools

    Tap into the right tools to test your website performance. Use A/B testing tools to track the impact of changes. Compare endless combinations using our multivariate test calculator. Then, slice and dice your results to uncover winning combinations. 

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Uncover the Real Answers

Remove the guesswork from website design decisions. The only way to know how your website is performing is to test, test and test again. 

Salmat can help you analyse the performance of every single part of your website, from content, colours, page layout and headlines to product combinations and calls to action. Then, using what we find, we can pinpoint exactly how to improve.

Boost your conversions by testing copy text, layouts, images and colours. Salmat helps you pit one design against another with A/B testing tools, and use statistical analysis to determine the winner. 

Test the success of different combinations on a page with multivariate testing (MVT). Drawing on best practice multivariate testing tools and methodologies, Salmat can help you experiment and isolate those elements that work together to consistently produce the most conversions. 

But we don’t stop there. Salmat works with you to analyse results and translate them into actions – whether that means rapid changes to your website or testing different combinations. 

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The Benefits


Goal Setting

Set clear and measurable goals for your website. Salmat works with you to define your objectives. With your goals front of mind, we can implement the right A/B and multivariate testing methodologies to get results.   

Best Practice Testing Tools

Discover how users are engaging with your website. Uncover opportunities to continually improve conversion rates. Using A/B and multivariate testing best practices, Salmat takes the guesswork out of website design. Our A/B and multivariate testing tools give you statistical proof of what works, and what doesn’t. Ask our team for multivariate testing examples to get the ball rolling. 

Website Improvements

Turn your new knowledge into action. We’ll work with you to analyse the testing results to define the next steps. Whether that means tweaking a few website components, rethinking the layout, or testing different combinations, Salmat can help you with the next stages of your journey.

Start testing and optimising your website for more conversions. Our website performance testing specialists are ready to help. Click here to contact us today or call 1300 725 628 to find out more.

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