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Maximise the efficiency of your customer interactions with online and speech assistant, Virtual Agent.

More answers, less waiting. Reduce the amount of time it takes to answer customer queries, whether they are online or on the phone.

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    Quick and personalised service

    Reduce your contact centre workload. Empower your customers to find the answers to general and specific questions quickly, both online and over the phone.

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    Right first time

    Direct customers to the right place every time. Reduce redirects, create efficiencies, and avoid unnecessary escalations to call centre agents.

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    Identity verification

    Start conversations off on the right foot by streamlining identity verification using speech recognition and voice biometrics.


Make it easy for your customers to find what they’re looking for by using Virtual Agent to direct their online or phone enquiry.

Right Agent first time

Answer your customer enquiries – online, or over the phone – first time. Minimise customer support costs by reducing call, email and live chat interactions.

Provide out of office hours support and be confident that your customer enquiries are answered correctly, first time.

Agent maximisation

Don’t let frequently asked questions clog up your call centres; answer them online instead. Let your contact centre team concentrate on the complicated, high-value conversations for which they are trained, while Virtual Agent manages the more repetitive low value tasks.

Consistent answers

Rapidly provide the answers your customers are looking for and complete the transactions they request. Virtual Agent draws from multiple sources: static information, variable information and personal information to help customers find the correct answers to their queries, first time.

Speech recognition

When customers need phone support, Virtual Agent asks customers open-ended questions to help direct their call. Speech recognition and voice biometric technology support faster, more personalised engagement with the contact centre.

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