Be found by your customers at exactly the right moment. Maximise your online presence with professional SEO services from Salmat. 
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Find all the SEO marketing strategies and tactics you need to maximise your online presence and beat your competition with Salmat. Optimise your website content to reach more customers through organic search. Unlock new growth opportunities from your content marketing plan. Partner with our SEO company and let us show you the way. 

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    Be Found by Your Customers

    Put your brand where customers can find you, naturally. Rank higher on organic searches. Realise the power of a link building strategy and content marketing plan to direct relevant traffic to your website. Our professional SEO services make sure you’re found at the exact moment customers are looking.

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    Optimise Every Page for Success

    Don’t let poor website speeds, page load times and crawl issues bring your revenue down. Overcome any technical factors that could be holding back your website’s search engine ranking with a talented SEO services company. And watch your brand move up the ranks. 

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    Rank for the Right Keywords

    Understand which keywords will get the best results. Then, plan and prioritise your SEO marketing strategy to match. Tap into our expert keyword research to get the right organic search traffic.  

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Turbocharge your organic traffic

Give your brand the edge with an SEO marketing strategy tailored for your goals. At Salmat, we combine search expertise, explosive content marketing plans and complete link building services to earn your place in natural search results. Then, we keep you there. 

See how our leading Australian SEO services company helps brands attract quality traffic with insightful search engine marketing. We audit your existing site and pinpoint opportunities for improvement and any areas that may be negatively impacting your search engine rankings. Then, we use our findings to build your customised SEO marketing strategy. 

Your SEO marketing strategy will bring together everything you need to maximise success: a link building plan, relevant keywords, a content marketing strategy, and more. 

We know you won't be starting SEO from scratch. So, our team will focus on opportunities in the areas you’re lacking, whilst continuing to build on your existing good work. Together, we will ensure that every link, every image, every article, and every page is created with your SEO goals in mind. 

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The Benefits


SEO Experts

Let our team of SEO marketing experts position your site where it deserves to be. As one of Australia’s top SEO companies, Salmat brings a strong history of SEO success and technical expertise. From setting measurable goals and creating your SEO marketing strategy, to building high quality links and creating stand-out content, our professional SEO services have everything you need for search success.  

Complete SEO Audit

Overcome any barriers holding back your SEO. Every SEO marketing strategy begins with a full audit to see what your website gets right, and what it gets wrong. This enables our specialists to identify and prioritise any issues on your site, such as page load times, 301 redirects, meta data, duplicate content, and penalties. We look at what your closest competitors are getting right and wrong. And, most importantly, what your customers are searching for. Armed with detailed insights, we’re ready to move onto the next stage: building your SEO marketing strategy. 

SEO Marketing Strategy

Know where you’re heading with your SEO marketing, and see a clear path to get there. Creating your SEO marketing strategy is the foundation of our professional SEO services. It sets the tone for everything else we do: your content marketing plan, SEO link building, paid media, local SEO and more. With a comprehensive SEO marketing strategy, you can be confident every campaign and action is working towards your business goals. 

Keyword Strategy

Understand which keywords will get you the best results. Then, plan and prioritise accordingly. As a leading SEO company, we understand the importance of ranking for the right terms. Our keyword research ensures you are attracting the right audiences to your website. 

Website Optimisation

Give your website the best possible chance to rank highly. This is the crux of your SEO marketing strategy, so work with an SEO services company that takes the time to get it right. Our specialists will find the hidden sticking points, speed up page load times, solve any penalties, remove worthless links and optimise images. We’ll tweak and fine-tune your web pages until every single element is optimised for SEO success.  

Engaging Shareable Content

Producing shareable, attention-grabbing and search-friendly content is critical to your SEO marketing strategy. Your Salmat team will make recommendations on how to improve existing content and create new content as needed. Each piece of content is targeted around specific search terms to bring genuine value to your search rankings. Think of us as your search-friendly content marketing agency. 

Link Building Strategy

Reach the Holy Grail of the high-quality link, a must-have for any SEO marketing strategy. Because we take the time to get to know your industry and brand, we can build high-quality, natural links that make sense. The result? Maximum traffic and a site that search engines love.  

Monitoring and Analytics

Take the guesswork out of your SEO campaigns. Salmat helps you set clear, measurable goals from the start so you can track and report on the effectiveness of your SEO marketing strategy at any stage. By understanding what’s working and what’s not, you can continually tweak and refine your SEO campaigns for success. Better yet, let our SEO experts do it for you. 

You’re in good company. Join Australia’s leading brands who are using our professional SEO services. Find out how we can get you ahead of the game. Click here to contact us today or call 1300 725 628 to find out more.

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