Get more from your online advertising with Salmat’s programmatic buying. Start driving leads and ROI with highly targeted media buying – in real time.  
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Why Programmatic Buying?

Get your brand in front of the audiences who matter most using programmatic buying. Tap into rich data sources to understand your target audience, then use real-time bidding and media buying to start driving leads and awareness. Let Salmat show you how. 

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    Customer Insights

    Tap into rich data sources to learn more about your target audience. Discover deeper insights. Find new valuable segments. Then, use what you know to make better decisions about media buying and accelerate your ROI. Programmatic advertising unlocks a world of possibilities.

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    Reach More Customers

    Reach your exact target audience, wherever they are. Use real-time bidding to target quality customers at a price that’s right. Salmat’s programmatic buying team knows exactly how to use data to target specific segments on any channel.

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    Make it Personal

    Make your ad campaigns more effective. Use customer insights to serve personalised creative to different audience segments, in real time. Salmat’s programmatic buying helps you go from insight to impact. 

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Marketing at Scale

Reach audiences wherever they are, with the right message. Programmatic buying with Salmat ensures you deliver highly relevant, impactful, and measurable ads – at scale. 

Combining data, technology and creativity, Salmat’s programmatic buying identifies your audience and brings data sources together to decide which digital ad placements to buy and how much to pay for them – in real time. 

The result? You can ensure your ads are being seen by the right people, in the moments that matter most. 

Data rules for programmatic advertising. That’s why Salmat ensures you are getting the most from your data sources and media buying to make your digital campaigns more effective. 

We work with you throughout the campaign to evaluate what’s working best – what times of day, audience segments, creative – to narrow the target so you’re only paying for high impact ads. 

Achieve reach and balance with your programmatic buying strategy. Get expert support with real-time bidding, ad trade, and data-driven creative. And drive better ROI for your campaigns now, and into the future. 

Salmat knows exactly how to use your data to make sure your digital campaigns are hitting the mark.

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The Benefits


Multi-Channel Targeting

Reach your precise audience, wherever they are, at a price that’s right. Programmatic buying lets you dig deep into data to find quality customers, however they are browsing. We help you look at a granular level at your channel mix to find your audience. Then, set up your media buying to get in front of them at the right moment. 

Audience Insights

Learn more about your audience, and leverage your new knowledge for more effective marketing campaigns. Salmat’s programmatic advertising aggregates a range of data sources to reveal more about your customers. Digital analytics data, search data, social media listening, CRM data, and more – we bring together your data with ours to provide a comprehensive view of your customers. So you can use what you find to make informed decisions about media buying and propel your ROI.  

High Impact Creative

Target audiences using engaging creative. Salmat’s programmatic buying personalises media buy in a relevant way for your consumers – automatically. Gain a clear understanding of who your target audience is, their location, interests, behaviours, and more. Use this information to adapt creative and campaign messages for different target audiences, in real time. 

Complete Customer Journey

Reach your customer at every stage of the buying journey. From consideration through to reactivation. Salmat will use real-time bidding to reach prospects, reactivate customers, retain existing customers, and more. 

Improve CPA

Improve your cost-per-acquisition over time. Track your digital ad campaign and remove the non-performing channels as the campaign progresses. Optimise even further based on campaign performance. Salmat helps you do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t. 

Reach more customers, wherever they are. See how Salmat’s programmatic buying can deliver better ROI. Click here to contact us today or call 1300 725 628 to find out more.

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