Improve the depth and reach of every campaign with Salmat. Deliver online advertising across multiple channels for even more conversions.  
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Why Paid Media?

Leverage every possible opportunity to maximise the impact and reach of your campaigns. Reach more customers with paid search and paid social across Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. Step up your pay per click advertising. Build retargeting campaigns that bring back the right customers for conversion. Find out how Salmat can help you reach the full potential of every campaign with paid media.  

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    Drive Website Traffic

    Use every opportunity to drive quality traffic to your website: Search engine marketing (SEM), Display, Video and Social Media ads, and Remarketing. Salmat helps you unleash the powers of paid media for maximum ROI.

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    Reach the Right People

    Get your brand in front of the people who matter most for your brand. Find your precise audience and use paid media to reach them in the right places. Generate awareness for your product across Display and social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Be visible with paid search ads when they are looking information on your product and re-engage past visitors with promotions in remarketing.

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    Target Active Users

    Maximise your return on investment and extend your reach to hand-selected, motivated buyers. Whether through display advertising, retargeting or search engine marketing, put your budget to work where it will get the best results.

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Improve the depth and reach of every campaign with paid media. Salmat makes it easy for you to run optimised paid search campaigns that generate conversions and ROI from the start. 

For us, paid media isn’t about huge budgets and reaching gazillions of people – it’s about intelligently targeted and finely tuned campaigns based on audience insights.

Using advanced data analytics, we will help you understand where your customers are spending their time online and their intent, so you can target your customers by location, gender, age, income, hour of day, day of week and more. 

The result? You deliver the right message to your customers, in the right place, at exactly the right time. You nurture those not quite ready to convert, and convert them when they are ready. You get the best ROI from your media budget. And, most importantly, you build a base of loyal, engaged customers. 

Get in front of a wider audience with display advertising. Use retargeting to nurture those people you know are already interested.
See how our specialists can help you with every aspect of paid media, from pure Google AdWords and PPC management to landing page optimisation and retargeting. 

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The Benefits


Extend Reach

Reach more of your target audience, in the right places. Our team knows how to get the best ROI from online advertising platforms. YouTube, Google Shopping, Facebook, LinkedIn, Search, Maps, Gmail – wherever your customers are, we’ll make sure your brand is there too. 

Ad Types

Use the right ads for your campaign goals. Our specialists can help you leverage paid search, display advertising, shopping, and remarketing to generate traffic, leads, and customers. Increase brand awareness and customer interaction with YouTube pre-roll ads. Integrate your retargeting campaign with your eCommerce site to propel conversions. Target users in their Gmail inbox based on contextual and intent signals. Whatever your goals, we have the skills to propel you up the search results and get you in front of the right audience. 


Reduce ad spend waste. Target your customers by location, gender, age, income, hour of day, day of week and more. With our keyword research, you can attract more visitors by building your search engine marketing strategy around key phrases your customers are searching for. Then show different ads to different audience groups in different places. 


Big or small, paid search is accessible to all. Start small, then ramp up your online advertising campaigns as needed. Turn up your activity to get in front of more customers during key promotional periods. With Salmat on your team, you can launch high-impact paid search campaigns in an instant. 


Keep tabs on your online advertising to extract the most from every campaign. Everything we do in paid search is measurable, so you can stop struggling to justify your online advertising spend and start investing in those ads that work. Drill down to see traffic uplift, new visitor count, store locator views, ROI improvements, sales revenue and more. Make adjustments to your ad. Even run multiple ads at once to see which works best. Every activity, whether PPC advertising or retargeting, is geared to bring maximum value for your brand. 

Get more from your paid media. Start working with Salmat’s online advertising specialists today. Click here to contact us today or call 1300 725 628 to find out more about our SEM, Display, Social Video ad services.

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