Minimum risk, maximum value. Gain all the benefits of outsourcing your business processes to an offshore team, without the risk, effort and cost of setting up your own office overseas. Introducing Salmat’s MicroSourcing. 
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Your business process outsourcing provider

Focus your resources where you need them most. By outsourcing your business processes to Salmat’s MicroSourcing team, you can improve your business efficiencies, reduce costs and gain a real competitive advantage. Salmat will help you build a talented offshore team to handle the tasks you need to keep growing – IT service management, marketing, data processing, HR outsourcing and more. And the best part is you can be up and running in just 30 days.


  • Scale up fast

    Supercharge your growth by scaling up your back office, without investing in infrastructure and support services. Be up and running in just 30 days without overheads and set up fees. Then, scale up or down to meet changing needs. We’ve designed an outsourcing solution you’ll never outgrow.

  • Reduce costs, not quality

    Reduce overheads by up to 70% without compromising quality. MicroSourcing lets you to build an offshore team with the skills to deliver IT service management, HR, data entry, marketing and other key business processes. And the best part is you don’t need to invest in your own infrastructure, recruitment and support services – simply use ours. Reinvest your savings into those areas that will help you build a competitive advantage.

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    Outsourcing experts

    Tap into expert knowledge to set up and manage your outsourcing work. When it comes to outsourcing and offshoring, you need the peace of mind that comes from working with a respected, experienced partner in the New Zealand market. 

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Outsource work, not control

How often have you wanted to expand your team for quick data entry? Or outsource marketing tasks without risking your brand standards? With seven delivery centres and 3500+ employees based in the Philippines, MicroSourcing allows you to respond rapidly, flexibly and painlessly to your changing business needs. 

MicroSourcing uses a different kind of outsourcing and offshoring: managed operations. No need to worry about investing in costly overheads, office space, and recruitment. Our consultants will help you build your own offshore solution, which you can easily scale up and down in line with business demands. Plus, we will have you up and running in just 30 days. 

With access to talented staff, you can outsource work that will truly support your business growth, such as data processing, IT services management, websites, marketing and more. And the best part is you can take as much or as little control as you want. 

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Control on your terms

Identify your business drivers and determine the level of outsourcing that is right for your business: managed, hybrid, outsourced:

  • Managed operations: You have sole responsibility for operational performance, and Salmat provides infrastructure and support services.

  • Full outsourcing: Salmat has responsibility for operational performance and provides full infrastructure and support services.  

  • Hybrid: The perfect middle ground – you have the level of control that fits your needs, with our expert team on the ground to take care of the details.

Managed operations: outsourcing and offshoring

Drive efficiciencies as you grow

Move faster and work smarter. Enjoy the flexibility to quickly scale up your operation as you grow, and reduce headcount when required. All with the confidence that your resources are optimised. Our MicroSourcing experts use innovative and streamlined ways of working to help you deliver cost savings and improved performance not just in your offshore operations, but across your whole business.

An offshore operation of your own

Create an offshore operation that works for your business. We can provide you with your own dedicated office space, so you can incorporate your own branding and workplace culture. Choose your own systems and tools, or be guided by our experts who can recommend the best tools to optimise your offshore solution. Incorporate your own company policies across IT and data security, human resources, industry compliance and more.

Track Performance

Establish a clear performance framework from the outset. Track the performance of your outsourced operations on an ongoing basis so you can be confident the standard of performance meets your business needs.

Your Own Skilled Team

Build a team of highly skilled, English speaking agents in the Philippines. Your dedicated account manager will work with you to recruit and employ agents assigned exclusively to you, and ensure your team has all the resources and support it needs to thrive.

Find out how Salmat’s MicroSourcing team can help you build an outsourcing solution that grows with you. Contact Salmat on 1300 725 628 or get a quote here.


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