Take charge of your business growth through flexible outsourcing with Salmat. Our cost-effective solutions give you all the advantages of outsourcing, without the risks. And the best part is you can keep as much control as you want.
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All the advantages of outsourcing, the way you want it

Say goodbye to the one-size-fits-all outsourcing model. Salmat gives you a flexible and cost-effective way to scale your business. Get help building your own talented offshore team. Gain access to all the facilities and support you need for success. And decide how much control you want. With Salmat, you get all the advantages of outsourcing, just how you want it.

  • Save costs

    Avoid the time, effort and cost of setting up your own office overseas. Partner with Salmat to build a talented offshore team to take care of your business processes cost-effectively. Gain access to all the infrastructure, recruitment and support services you need to run a successful operation overseas, without the big upfront investment.

  • Determine Control

    Unlike with traditional outsourcing companies, you decide how much involvement you want, and we’ll take care of the rest. Take complete control over your offshore team or let us manage them for you. Either way, you reap the true benefits of outsourcing business processes – on your terms.

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    Grow without limits

    Expand your business quickly with less risk. With our outsourcing model, you can start small and easily scale as your business evolves. 

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What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a smart way to reduce costs or improve efficiency by shifting operations, processes or just tasks to an external contracted third party. When you choose the right partner, outsourcing can actually help your company grow, save money and even improve your services. 

Outsourcing offers huge advantages if you are experiencing rapid growth. When your business grows, your back-office activities multiply. This can quickly consume resources at the expense of those core activities that have made your business successful. 

Introducing a new breed of offshoring

Outsourcing companies have traditionally only offered out-of-the-box solutions with little room to move and no control over your offshore team. 

Now you can gain all the advantages of outsourcing your business processes without sacrificing control. Welcome to a new breed of outsourcing: managed operations. 

Salmat’s managed operations model is simple. We provide the infrastructure, services and talent in the Philippines. You choose your level of involvement. Opt to retain complete day-to-day control over your business processes, or let our experienced offshore team manage it all for you. Whatever you decide, you can be confident your outsourced team will deliver high quality performance in a cost-effective, low risk way.

As a respected outsourcing company to the Australian market, Salmat gives you access to a pool of highly-skilled experts to support your day-to-day operations, from HR and accounting through to graphic design, technical support, and even sales and marketing. Scale your team to meet changes in business demand, and see the true benefits of an outsourced solution designed entirely for your business.

Letting an outsourcing company manage those processes allows you to refocus on value-adding business activities, without sacrificing the quality of your back-office operation. And because you haven’t invested in office space and overheads, you can easily scale back your operations when the growth period slows.  

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Getting started with outsourcing

Start Small

Start with just one or two staff, then easily expand your team in line with business needs. Unlike traditional outsourcing, our managed operations model means businesses of all sizes can enjoy the benefits of an offshore team. Avoid the risks and costs of investing in office space, infrastructure and recruitment. Invest your cost savings in areas that will fuel your expansion even more, like sales and marketing or R&D. 


Adapt and grow. Build your offshore team in line with what your business needs today, and continually scale as your business evolves. With no need to invest in infrastructure, our managed operations model gives you the flexibility to grow without limits.

Your own team

Build an extension to your local team. You choose your overseas talent, who will be dedicated to your business alone. Maximise the success of your offshore staff by incorporating your company culture, processes and systems into your offshore operation. By partnering with a trusted offshore company, you can be confident your offshore team will always deliver high performance and quality services. Just like your local team.

Low Risk

If it feels like a big decision to move operations offshore, managed operations is for you. Reduce risks with our pay-as-you-go model. With no long-term commitment and control on your terms, you can manage costs and continually adapt your solution to reap maximum value.

All the support you need

Get support at every step of your outsourcing journey. Salmat gives you access to a team of skilled consultants with experience setting up and managing outsourced solutions for businesses of all types and sizes. Whether this is your first experience with outsourcing, or you are switching from another outsourcing company, we will work with you to create a customised solution that works.

Learn more about how outsourcing can supercharge your business growth – on your terms. Contact Salmat on 1300 725 628 or get a quote here.


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