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Empower your company’s individual sites to manage the local implementation of national campaigns, using a centralised campaign platform.

  • Save time

    Reduce the time and cost it takes to manage multiple marketing channels, multiple vendors, across multiple sites.

  • Control your brand

    Control brand compliance and messaging across your multi-site business, while empowering sites to manage their local campaigns.

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    Analyse your campaigns

    Manage your multi-site business’ budget allocation and spend from head office down to individual sites and franchises.


Manage integrated marketing campaigns across a range of channels and business locations using Salmat’s FUSE offering.

Multi-channel campaigns

Facilitate your teams in external franchises or sites to build campaigns across POS, letterbox, press ads, SMS and email using the intuitive online tool.

Roll out national campaigns quickly and efficiently by uploading artwork and marketing collateral to the FUSE platform for your individual sites to access and use. Access training when you need it for easy implementation.

Centrally-controlled platform

Maintain a consistent brand message across multiple sites by providing a centralised repository for campaign material, guidelines and templates. Give individual sites autonomy to manage their local campaign, while maintaining centralised control of the brand and marketing message.

Budget management

Manage budgets across individual sites and track campaign success using the FUSE platform. Allocate and control campaign budget at company and/or site level so your business has full oversight of how money is allocated across the business.

Campaign execution tracking

Have all the campaign elements across all the different sites been launched? FUSE’s dashboard helps you track the delivery of all the collateral – across all channels and to every site – so no elements are lost or forgotten.

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