Maximise the impact of your local marketing dollars with Salmat’s LDN. Connect with your local customers, build awareness and prompt action. Our local marketing services have got you covered.  

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Why LDN?

Find everything you need to plan, create and run your local marketing campaign from start to finish with Salmat’s Local Distribution Network (LDN). However big or small your business, we can help you harness the power of local marketing to reach more customers and supercharge conversions. 

  • Reach Local Consumers

    Unlock the potential of your greatest profit opportunity – your local community. Bring in more local customers and keep them coming back with local area marketing. With a distribution network that delivers to more than 17 million Australians each week, see how LDN makes it easy to connect with customers on a local level. 

  • More Precise Targeting

    Local area marketing has never been this targeted. Pinpoint your target audience using our powerful geo-targeting tool, SwiftPlan. Use precise targeting to drill down to just a few hundred households based on proximity to your business, commuter route, outdoor advertising site, and more. Plan and map out your campaign with precision. Then, let our local distribution network deliver. 

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    Join The Dots

    Join all the different elements of your local campaign for greater impact. Integrate online and offline channels to improve brand recognition and conversions. When it comes to multichannel marketing, Salmat can do all the hard work for you.

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Local Direct Network


Reach your perfect customers and maximise the impact of your local marketing dollars with Salmat’s Local Distribution Network (LDN). 

However big or small your business, LDN helps you unlock the power of local marketing for your brand. Find new customers for your business with letterbox advertising. Build awareness of a new product, menu or store location. Use local area marketing as part of a regional or national catalogue campaign to drive customers into local stores and generate stronger brand loyalty. 

Whatever your goals, Salmat helps you create campaigns that connect with your target audience on a local level, because we know that’s what gets results.  

The best part is you don’t need to be a local marketing expert. Our LDN team is on hand to help at every stage of your campaign. Talk to our experts about your local area marketing ideas. Tap into our geo-targeted media planning tool, SwiftPlan, to match your campaign to your exact target audience. Let our design and print services create letterbox advertising that grabs attention and prompts action, then, use our extensive distribution network to deliver direct to your local customers. With LDN, you get design, print, distribution and expert support all rolled into one. 
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The Benefits


National Distribution Network

Deliver to a few streets, a few suburbs or your whole local area. Salmat’s LDN can help you reach 17 million Australians, twice every week. Backed by experience and proven by external auditing, when you work with LDN you get all the benefits of Australia’s largest and most trusted letterbox distribution network for your local marketing campaign. 

Precise Targeting

Match your campaign to your exact audience and maximise your ROI. Drill down to as few as 200 households with SwiftPlan, our powerful geo-targeting media planning tool. Use a combination of 50+ variables to define who your potential customers are and where they live. SwiftPlan draws on information from rich data sources, including Roy Morgan’s Helix personas, Marketfind’s geo-demographic segments, Census data, Household Expenditure Estimates based on the ABS's Household Expenditure Survey, and geoTribe’s geo-demographic data. LDN removes the guesswork from your local area marketing so you can focus on getting results.  

Multi-Channel Integration

Capitalise on the strength of local marketing. When it comes to multichannel campaigns, letterbox is the perfect team player. Amplify your campaign’s reach by integrating letterbox with digital channels, like social media, Google Display Network, YouTube pre-roll ads and online catalogue shopping portals, like Lasoo. Use letterbox to fill the gaps of a digital campaign where some customers are not online. Combine letterbox with outdoor advertising to improve recall and recognition amongst a highly-targeted demographic. Whatever channels your customers are using, Salmat’s LDN  can help you join the dots and maximise your impact.  

It's a Team Effort

Let our team of local marketing experts help you create your next campaign. Salmat’s team brings a strong history of local area marketing – in fact, it’s where we began. We’ll work with you to engage with your customers at a local level and drive results. Even better, just say the word and we’ll do all the hard work for you. 

Are you looking into printing & distributing a flyer for your business? Look no further! Contact LDN today or call 1300 725 628.

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