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Did you know letterbox marketing is still one of the most effective ways to grab your customer’s attention?

Almost 11 million Australians read unaddressed mail in any given week, and 6.8 million Australians over the age of 14 have purchased from a catalogue within seven days of receiving letterbox marketing material. Whether it’s a flyer, catalogue or sample, letterbox marketing gets your brand in front of consumers and helps increase sales.

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Why choose letterbox marketing with Salmat?

  • Australia’s leading brands trust Salmat to make sure their flyers and catalogues reach the hands of their customers.
  • As Australia’s largest distribution network, we can deliver to 17 million people in 7 million homes, twice a week.
  • Our data-driven approach means your marketing materials get in front of your target audience, no matter what size. 
  • We make letterbox a piece of cake for small businesses. As a one-stop shop, we can help you easily design, strategise, print and distribute – getting the word out to your target customers.

Sophisticated segmentation to reach your target audience


It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking a reach of 200, 2,000 or 2million households – we can tailor a solution to suit your needs.

With SwiftPlan you can plan and map out your campaign with precision, then let Australia’s largest letterbox distribution network deliver. 

  • One stop shop

    Our letterbox experts can work with you to design and print your letterbox campaigns. With more than 40 years in letterbox distribution and an established network of printers, we can help you build and execute a winning campaign with great ROI.

  • Data-driven targeting

    Map out precisely targeted letterbox campaigns. Drill down into the right audience with accurate segmentation.Then, tailor your marketing messaging for the greatest impact. SwiftPlan by Salmat helps you reach the right audience with the right message for more conversions.

  • Results you can track

    Take the guesswork out of your Letterbox Marketing campaign. By targeting and mapping your campaign with Salmat, you can track sales in your business catchment areas and subsequently prove ROI. Use your valuable insights to make future campaigns work even harder.

  • Confidence in your deliveries

    You can have confidence in your letterbox deliveries with our three-tiered approach to distribution verification.

  • Our GPS mapping app, salmathub, provides visibility of delivery routes in post-campaign reporting.
  • Spot checks are conducted by area reps who visually sight Salmat material in letterboxes. What they see is recorded and reported to ensure all advertising material is being delivered and in accordance with the code.
  • A third party field agent audits the information received from up to 750 households who monitor what they receive in their letterbox each month.

The ultimate team player in a multi-channel strategy

Don’t miss out on your potential customers. In a multi-channel strategy, letterbox bolsters your campaign and helps you cut through the digital clutter with its hard-to-ignore tactile presence. According to research from the Australasian Catalogue Association’s 2017 Industry Report, compared with other media channels letterbox has the most reach:

  • Letterbox marketing in Australia reaches 20.3million
  • Commercial radio is 18million
  • Newspapers are 16.8million
  • Free-to-air TV is 14million
  • Magazines are 12.5million 
  • Subscription TV is 3.08 million.
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Power of Letterbox


Realise the true potential of Letterbox Marketing with Salmat:

Reach up to 17 million Australians twice every week – and zone in on your target audience with our precision targeting tools <Learn more>

Create letterbox materials that convert – whether it’s a flyer, catalogue or sample, our specialist design and print services can help you get your brand into your target audience’s  hands and achieve your campaign goals. <Learn more> 

Integrate your letterbox campaign in a multichannel campaign with digital channels to create deeper connections and reach even more households. <Learn more>

From design and print of your letterbox material, through to planning and distribution, Salmat is here to help you connect with your customers

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The Benefits

Data-driven targeting

Understanding your customer, and knowing where they are, is critical to the success of any letterbox campaign.

With the power of SwiftPlan, you can gain instant access into insightful geo-demographic consumer data to help you understand where your target audience is, to create a highly strategic and effective campaign

Using SwiftPlan:

  • With a combination of 50+ variables, SwiftPlan lets you target audiences based on where they live, where they shop, interests, age, disposable income, spend by category and more.
  • Build custom catchment areas, then overlay your store locations, outdoor advertising sites and other points of interest to map out your campaign. 
  • Once your campaign is mapped, you can personalise messaging to your target audience to achieve the ultimate ROI. 

SwiftPlan draws on information from our partners and our own data, including:

  • Roy Morgan’s Helix personas, including consumer attitudes, behaviours, and values
  • Marketfind’s geo-demographic segments
  • Census data
  • Household Demand Data, based on the ABS household expenditure survey
  • geoTribe’s geo-demographic data.

Up to 17M Australians, twice a week

You can reach out to potential customers within a few kilometres of your business – or distribute a large-scale catalogue campaign to entire towns.

With the largest distribution network, we’re also the only network in Australia that offers letterbox distribution twice every week. That means double the flyer delivery options, and even more opportunities to get in front of your potential customers.

Exclusive reach

Use letterbox marketing to reach those who are not using other media channels, both online and offline. Of the 10.8 million Australians aged 14+ who have read unaddressed mail in the past week, many haven’t engaged with other key media, like cinema (73%), local newspapers (66%), and YouTube (33%). But don’t panic – with a letterbox distribution network covering up to 17 million Australians, Salmat has got them covered.

Ultimate team player

Working as part of a multichannel strategy, letterbox is the team player that really drives your message home. You can reach even more households and create deeper connections when you combine letterbox with digital channels like SEO, SEM, social, or digital catalogues. By amplifying your campaign’s reach it can help boost conversions and improve ROI. Plus, it helps you reach a large demographic who cannot be reached through digital channels.

Use letterbox alongside your outdoor, broadcast and print ads to improve recall and recognition amongst a highly-targeted demographic. When it comes to multichannel campaigns, letterbox is the ultimate team player.

Delivery mapping

Using our salmathub mobile app, have confidence in your campaign delivery. With GPS technology, receive delivery route reports and know your flyers and catalogues were delivered on time to the right location. The app is independently audited to ensure the highest levels of compliance and confidence in your delivery.

Prove ROI

Accelerate growth and improve ROI of your letterbox campaigns by tracking and measuring your campaign. Track your results in real-time through offer code redemption, digital catalogue engagement, website traffic, and more. Drill down to the impact at store level and specific products using rich data and insights

Expert support

Let our team of letterbox marketing experts help you create your next campaign. From planning and targeting, to design and print, to distribution, we can help you every step of the way. Tap into our experience and knowledge to increase engagement and conversions. Best of all, we can do all the hard work for you


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For small business – letterbox advertising made easy

We take you step-by-step through everything you need to do to create a local area marketing campaign with impact. Whether it’s standout design, how to target your desired audience or choosing the right printing materials, have confidence that when you choose Letterbox Marketing, your small business will have a high chance of reaching new client prospects. We can take you through the whole journey, ensuring you’re optimising your investment – to ensure a great ROI.

Did you know: research shows 88% of people who receive letterbox advertising will read it, and visit the business’ website.

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