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With precise targeting capabilities and a network that can deliver to more than 17 million Australians, Salmat gives you everything you need to tap into the power of letterbox advertising.

Reach the right letterbox first time with the market leader in letterbox marketing. With decades of experience, we can help you achieve precision targeting across Australia.

  • National reach

    Scale your campaign to reach up to 17 million Australians twice a week, every week.

  • Precise targeting

    Pinpoint your campaign to target as few as 200 households using geographic and demographic targeting.

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    Integrate digital channels to track viewing and purchase behaviour to optimise your campaign.


Unaddressed mail (including flyers and catalogues) is read by 11.7 m people in Australia each week. Repeated exposure to your brand is integral to ensure brand recognition.

Segmentation and targeting

Get in the right letterbox first time (and reduce wastage) using sophisticated segmentation and targeting. We can help you drill down into your target audience using geodemographic profiling, helix personas and geotribes.

Check out our capability at Marketfind, a proven and powerful segmentation tool that assigns all Australian consumers and households into one of 58 segments and 12 groups.


Our network of contracted walkers can deliver all across Australia, twice a week. Whether you wish to target specific areas or do a blanket drop, our long-established network can help. 

Digital Integration

Extend your reach with digital integration. Create a digital version of your catalogue and host it on catalogue shopping aggregator Lasoo. Gain real-time analytics to understand browsing and buying behaviour, and hone your future campaigns.


Avoid the headache of managing several suppliers. Let Salmat manage it all for you and get your advertising into your customers' letterboxes faster. We offer a range of print solutions from simple flyers to more complex die-cut flyers.

Find out how letterbox marketing can boost your business! Click here to contact us today or call 1300 725 628.