Deliver flyers and catalogues straight to the doors of your customers. Partner with Australia’s largest letterbox distribution network, Salmat. 
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Why Letterbox Distribution?

Join leading brands who rely on Salmat to deliver to up to 17 million Australians, twice a week. With the largest and most trusted letterbox distribution network in Australia, we have everything you need to deliver flyers and catalogues straight to your customers’ letterbox.

  • Target Your Audience

    Get your brand into the hands of your customers. Build targeted catalogue distribution campaigns using our media planning and mapping tool, SwiftPlan. Drill down into the right audience with innovative segmentation and mapping, and design your flyer delivery to match. 

  • Reduce Campaign Costs

    Match your campaign to your exact audience to improve conversions, reduce wastage and lower costs. Precise targeting by SwiftPlan helps you go straight to your audience, which means lower costs and less wastage. Find out how to design the most cost-effective flyer delivery campaign with Salmat. 

  • Confidence in your deliveries

    Know your campaign is being delivered, every time. Partner with Australia’s largest distributor, Salmat. Along with our industry-leading operations, we use auditing and reporting to give you the ultimate confidence in delivery.

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Distribution Experts


Salmat provides an all-in-one letterbox distribution solution to help you grow your sales, maximise ROI and success in letterbox marketing. From precision targeting and mapping to reliable distribution and industry-best auditing, we’ve got you covered. 
Letterbox distribution is not just a numbers game. Find out how Salmat can help you get your campaign right first time with sophisticated segmentation and targeting from our partners and our own data sources. 

Locate the people most likely to love your brand and drive better conversions for every campaign. Use our SwiftPlan geo-targeting media planning tool to pinpoint your audience using metrics that matter to you, such as location, disposable income and spend in category. Then create a custom map of your audience against specific targets like stores, outdoor advertising sites, transport routes and more. 

Once you’ve planned your distribution, Salmat has everything you need to get your letterbox delivery out on time, every time. Leave your campaign in the hands of a proven partner. 

Behind the scenes, our industry-leading operations are designed to deliver the best results for your business from job booking and stock preparation through to distribution verification. 
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The Benefits

Precise Targeting

Go straight to the people who will love your business. With our powerful geo-targeted media planning tool, SwiftPlan, you can drill down into the audience that’s right for your campaign. Use what you know about your customers, such as demographic and interests, together with store locations and other points of interest to map your letterbox distribution. 

Using a combination of 50+ variables, SwiftPlan lets you target audiences based on where they live, where they shop, interests, age, income and more. The more targeted you get, the more tailored your messaging can be. With SwiftPlan, you can zone in to as a few as 200 households. Plus, our experts are on hand to provide step-by-step support. 

Swiftplan draws on information from:

  • Roy Morgan’s Helix personas, including consumer attitudes, behaviours, and values
  • Marketfind’s geo-demographic segments
  • Census data
  • ABS Household Expenditure Survey records
  • geoTribe’s geo-demographic data

Everything in One Place

Plan, build and order your letterbox distribution from one place. Our media planning tool, SwiftPlan, lets you do it all. When you have finished targeting your audience, calculate a cost estimate in seconds. You can even choose from a range of print options, formats and paper stocks and request a quote to print your catalogues and leaflets for direct distribution. Letterbox distribution has never been so easy. 

Unparalleled Reach

Reach 17 million Australians with Salmat’s market-leading distribution network. Salmat is the only distribution network to offer letterbox distribution twice every week. That means double the flyer or catalogue delivery opportunities, and even more potential to get noticed by your target audience. 

Distribution Reporting

When you trust your letterbox campaign to Salmat, you know you’re getting results. We use GPS technology, reporting and auditing to give you the ultimate confidence in delivery. Not only do our area managers complete extensive audits and spot-checks on letterbox distribution to ensure the highest levels of compliance, but our distribution network is audited externally by an independent auditor. Plus our distributors deliver against distribution routes mapped by GPS functionality in our proprietary app, salmathub, so you can have confidence that your catalogue or flyer was delivered to your distribution area on time.

Industry-Leading Operations

Behind the scenes is where the real magic happens. From job booking, stock preparation and dispatch, to our carefully selected distributors and verification process, our operations are fine-tuned to deliver the best results for your business. 

Talk to Salmat about your next letterbox distribution and find out why we are trusted to support some of the biggest brands in Australia. Click here to contact us today or call 1300 725 628.

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