Reach active catalogue shoppers, build engagement and convert customers with Australia’s number one catalogue shopping aggregator, Lasoo. Get started with your latest online catalogue and see rapid results. 
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Why Lasoo?

Find everything you need to reach new customers and supercharge conversions with catalogue shopping aggregator Lasoo. Create a responsive digital catalogue that shoppers can read anytime, anywhere, on any device. Extend your reach with our huge suite of online marketing tools. And generate user engagement with your catalogue content.  

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    Expand Reach

    Reach even more shoppers with your digital catalogue. Get in front of 400,000+ visitors per month on Lasoo, Australia’s leading online catalogue site. Complete with social sharing, retargeting ads, a mobile app and more, your digital catalogue will worker harder to boost sales online and in-store. 

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    Identify Shopper Patterns

    Make smarter marketing and merchandising decisions by tracking how customers are engaging with your catalogues. Lasoo Learner provides real-time metrics and insights that you can customise to suit your goals. Use these learnings to design better catalogues, create more attractive offers, and optimise sales opportunities.

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    Engage Online Offer Shoppers

    Get your digital catalogue in front of online shoppers looking for the best deals. With Lasoo, you gain access to a huge community of consumers who read catalogues cover to cover seeking the latest catalogue specials to buy and share. Use our tools to boost awareness of your digital catalogue during key retail periods. Then, watch your sales soar.

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More For Your Money


Get in front of a ready and engaged audience on Australia's top online catalogue aggregator, Lasoo. With more than 400,000 visitors per month, Lasoo makes your digital catalogue work harder to reach more customers and get more conversions. And the best part is, our experts take care of all the details for you. 

Shoppers come to Lasoo to view catalogues online, find what to buy and where to buy it. More than half of Lasoo’s visitors go on to make a purchase, either online or in-store. And most visitors read catalogues cover to cover. So, when you share your digital catalogue on Lasoo, you are getting in front of an active community of shoppers who are looking to buy.

Our experts can help you transform your digital catalogue into a sales generating machine. Product information, store location and hours, and “buy now” links are just the beginning. Lasoo helps you create a truly engaging catalogue experience for your customers, on site and off site. 

Where you really see the advantages of digital publishing software is with real-time analytics. Track your catalogue campaign through Lasoo Learner. See how people have clicked on your catalogue, when they visited and what the most popular pages are. Use your customised insights to make smarter decisions around marketing, product pricing, offers, merchandising and more. 
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The Benefits

Broad Reach

Do you already have a digital catalogue but want to expand its reach? Lasoo is the easiest way to do just that. Set up your digital catalogue on Australia’s leading catalogue aggregator to reach a huge audience of active online shoppers. More than 400,000 visitors per month go to Lasoo to view catalogues online, find products and where to buy them. Our team will make sure your digital catalogue makes it easy for them to complete the sale, with “buy now” links, store location and hours, product information, and more. 

Everything in one place

Once your digital catalogue is set up, you have everything you need to drive more sales. Explore a whole suite of tools designed to amplify your reach and maximise conversions. Command attention during key retail periods with display ads on the Lasoo site and send your digital catalogue straight to customers’ inboxes with our weekly newsletter, and retarget visitors with ads on Facebook and Google Display Network. Or even let us create YouTube videos based on your latest catalogue specials, tailored for different audiences. When it comes to digital catalogues, Lasoo helps you get results. 

Mobile App

Make it fast and easy for on-the-go shoppers to browse and buy. We not only host your digital catalogue on our website – it’s on our mobile app too. The Lasoo app allows users to search all catalogue specials on their mobile and engage with your catalogue in their own time. And because the digital catalogue app shows store location and hours, customers can go straight to your bricks-and-mortar store when they see a deal they love. 

Engaged Readers

Start connecting with engaged readers who love catalogue shopping. Millions of Australians use Lasoo to save time and money when they shop, and most Lasoo visitors read catalogues from cover to cover. So, when you put your latest online catalogue on Lasoo, you are tapping into an engaged community of catalogue shoppers. You can even make sure local shoppers see the relevant offers and products in your latest online catalogue using our geotargeting tool. 

Tailored Insights and Analytics

Dive into the behaviours of customers using catalogue analytics by Lasoo Learner. Our experts will help you design custom dashboards for your business, so you can easily extract the right information for your business goals. Identify patterns of customer intent to find out what products, brands and catalogue specials buyers are interested in. Find out what’s converting and what’s not in your latest online catalogue. You can even see social interactions, such as sharing on Facebook. Use your learnings from the digital catalogue app to make faster, smarter decisions that result in a more personalised marketing experience, better merchandising, and greater in-store sales opportunities. 

Ready to take your digital catalogue to new heights? Get started with Lasoo, Australia’s leading catalogue aggregator. Click here to contact us today or call 1300 725 628.

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