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Build, send and analyse your email campaigns with ease, whether you want to create a one-off or an automated campaign.

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Why Email?

Engage and convert more subscribers. Build automated email campaigns and one-off email promotions that deliver both in the short and long term. Find out how Salmat’s email marketing software makes it easy. 

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    Flexible Control

    Determine the level of control that is right for your business. Choose whether you want to co-manage your campaigns or hand over control of your email marketing to our experts. Opt to host your email marketing in Australia or the cloud. With Salmat’s email services, the decision is yours. 

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    Easy Integration

    Take your emails to a whole new level. Match your customer’s purchase history to your email marketing software. Then put your data to work to create more personalised, relevant emails and better results.  

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    Email Marketing Automation

    Send engaging emails to your customers throughout their customer journey. Trigger emails based on purchase history, order replenishment or online interaction. Retarget those who have abandoned their cart. Send email promotions with personalised product recommendations. Salmat’s email marketing software makes it easy to reach out at the most opportune moment, to convert more prospects.

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Campaigns That Convert

Powerful email marketing software that’s easy to use. Flexible options that meet your goals. Access to email specialists who can build your whole email strategy. Salmat’s email services give you everything you need to create winning email campaigns that engage and convert more customers. 

Use easy drag-and-drop tools to create more engaging emails. Connect your email list to your CRM software to build a single view of the customer and deliver personalised campaigns. Create automated emails that engage your subscribers at exactly the right moment. Build beautiful email newsletters that engage readers and drive them to your website. Send email advertising to millions of contacts. And keep tabs on every email campaign to find out how you can improve and boost ROI. 

Whether you want to send one-off email advertising or highly personalised automated email campaigns, find out how Salmat can help. 

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Email Automation

Turbo charge your conversions with automated email campaigns. Salmat’s email marketing platform lets you build sophisticated campaigns to engage contacts at every stage of the customer journey. Set up transactional emails for password resets, order confirmations and more. Trigger emails based on action (clicks, opens, etc.) or inaction. Build email workflows to meet your goals. With email automation, you can deliver a tailored message to convert each contact from visitor, to prospect, to customer, to loyal advocate.

Flexible Solutions

Choose from a range of tailored email services to meet your goals. From self-service, co-managed and fully-managed solutions for mail design, coding, testing, delivery and optimisation. We can help you build and execute a whole email strategy, or you can take charge and build your own email promotions using our intuitive email marketing software.  

Email Integration

Personalise your emails by connecting your email marketing software to your eCommerce solution or CRM. See what happens when you synchronise data related to orders, carts and wishlists, and use it to send more personalised and relevant emails, such as product recommendations, promotions, cart abandonment reminders and more. With our integration experts on hand, it’s easier than you think. 

Expert Team

Whether you need support sending a one-off campaign or a whole new email strategy, our experts are here to help. Find out how our email marketing specialists can help you make email a key part of your marketing strategy and take your results to a whole new level. We know how to engage and connect with your audience on a more personal level, convert first-time buyers into valuable repeat customers, and reduce the overall cost per acquisition. 

Transactional Emails

Get more from transactional emails. From welcome emails to password resets, order confirmations and delivery tracking, every transactional email presents an opportunity to improve the customer experience and drive contacts back to your site. Find out how Salmat’s email services can help you tap into the potential of your transactional emails to drive additional sales and revenue. 

Drag and Drop Email Editing

Create beautiful emails that are engaging and on brand. Our drag and drop editor makes it quick and easy to design email newsletters, transactional emails, email advertising and more. 

Data Segmentation

Adding even the smallest personal touches can go a long way to nurturing loyal customers. Integrate your email marketing software with your CRM to understand more about each contact, such as their location and purchase history. Then, use this information to target different audiences with content relevant to them – no matter where they are in their customer journey. 

Test and Analyse

Keep tabs on your email marketing to get the most out of every campaign. From the moment you send an email, you can see open rates, click rates, bounce rates and more. Analyse campaign performance in real-time. Drill down to see interactions based on customer segments. Find out when contacts are opening your email and use this information to time your campaigns for the best results.  

Get more from every email. Our email marketing specialists are ready to help. Find out more about our email services. Click here to contact us today or call 1300 725 628 to find out more.


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