Reach, convert and serve more customers across the right channels with Salmat’s digital marketing services. Get a complete tailored solution that makes it easy to engage your customers in a multichannel world. 

Salmat - Our Digital Story

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Why Digital & Performance Marketing?

See what happens when you combine the best of search, display, social and website marketing to engage customers. Salmat works with you to profile and understand your audience. Then, uses these insights to create a digital marketing strategy that reaches, converts and serves more customers. All while improving the customer experience. 

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    Smarter Search

    Help you customers find your business through search. Reach your customers when they are looking to buy with paid search and optimise your website marketing to get more customers through organic search. Salmat gives you access to the search expertise you need to drive the right people to your website, at every stage of their journey.


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    More Conversions

    Improve conversions and customer loyalty. Optimise every campaign for maximum customer engagement. Partner with a digital marketing agency that never stops learning. Salmat will measure your digital marketing campaigns and use the insights to make every campaign deliver more than the last. 

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    Right Channels

    Choosing the right channels for your audience can be confusing. Salmat will help you understand what channels your audience is using and how best to reach them. We’ll optimise your digital marketing strategy to get the best out of every channel. 

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Smarter Digital Marketing

In this fiercely competitive world, the only way to put your business ahead is with digital marketing campaigns that are smarter. This means creating digital marketing that places rich customer insights at the heart of strategic decision making, drives more revenue by making all your digital channels work together, and engages customers to nurture loyalty over the long-term.  

Partner with Salmat as your digital marketing agency and realise the difference that comes from our understanding of your customers and the online marketing world. Salmat will help you build a digital marketing strategy that recognises the areas of greatest opportunity and gives you the tools and expertise to harness them. 

Our full suite of digital marketing services will help you fuel conversions, leads and revenue through the right channels. Find out how.

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The Benefits


Focus on the Customer

Every winning digital marketing strategy begins in the same place: with the customer. We work with you to get underneath the skin of your target audience, their needs and motivations. Armed with an intimate understanding of your customers, we can build digital marketing campaigns that resonate and give your brand the competitive edge. 

Choose the Right Channels

With more channels available than ever, it’s hard to decide where to spend and where not to. Get the most out of your online marketing budget with Salmat. We help you choose the right channels to reach your audience and drive customers to purchase. Most importantly, we connect your digital marketing strategy across channels. Website, SEO, content, eCommerce, competitions, social – your online marketing world will work in harmony for the best results. 

Optimising Campaigns

Improve customer engagement with campaigns optimised for long-term success. Our team will help you maximise your return on investment with digital marketing campaigns that are comprehensively planned, executed, tracked and refined. We never stop learning about your consumers and applying these insights to increase customer engagement and generate more revenue. 

Build Loyalty

Make sure customers return again and again. Salmat helps you nurture loyalty using a wide range of tools and channels. Delve into data to find out what drives loyalty for your customers. And use these insights to optimise every digital marketing campaign.  

Ready to get started? Find out how we can deliver a complete tailored solution for your business. Talk to our team about your digital marketing strategy today. Click here to contact us today or call 1300 725 628.

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