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Take offline, online and reach more customers by turning your printed catalogue into a digital one and host it on catalogue shopping aggregator Lasoo.

Make it easy for customers to flip, click and buy via an SEM optimised digital catalogue and track customer engagement in real-time.

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    Broad reach

    Expand the reach of your print catalogue with a digital catalogue campaign that provides customers with another way to interact and buy from your brand online.

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    Engaged buyers

    With 40,000 visitors to the site every day you can reach a highly engaged audience with your catalogue offers.

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    Insights and analytics

    Know how your products are performing, and in which areas, so you can optimise other campaign elements, manage store stock and adjust future catalogues.


Create your very own digital catalogue and let your customers shop, search and browse your products on any device.

Real-time tracking

Track in real-time how your readers are engaging with your products listed in your catalogue. Then brief your merchandising, design and pricing teams so they can make real-time decisions about how to improve your customer offering.

Extended reach

Reach more than 500K visitors per month by creating a responsive digital catalogue on our catalogue shopping aggregator Lasoo that allows your customers to read your catalogues online anytime, anywhere, on any device. Then integrate your catalogue with your online store to drive sales.

Social sharing

Help your customers share your catalogue content via social media channels. Your customers can share whole catalogues or a single product with their networks using Universal Catalogue – a powerful branding tool.

Universal catalogue

Salmat's Universal Catalogue is a responsive digital catalogue that can be embedded into any website. Anyone who clicks on the offers inside your digital catalogue will be directed through to your website to purchase or to a store locator on your website.

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