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Turn real-time customer feedback into actionable insights that improve customer acquisition, retention and loyalty using customer experience survey and analytics tool, Voice of Customer.

Give your frontline employees the information to understand what your customers are thinking and feeling.

  • Ask the right questions

    Writing and designing a survey is an art form in itself. Gain help in creating a survey that allows your business to find out the information it needs to meet its objectives.

  • Know your customer

    Collect insights across all the channels with which your customers interact to gain a comprehensive understanding of them.

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    Actionable insights

    Collate and analyse data quickly so you can use the insights to inform your business plan and benchmark your future actions against the results.


Get to know your customer more intimately by using Voice of Customer to gather real-time customer feedback for implementation in your business.

Expert guidance

We can design, write and deploy your customer survey for you, so you can gain a deeper understanding of your customer. Benchmark your future success against the results by gathering your survey insights in one central dashboard and sharing with your whole business.

Guaranteed data

Gather data through the channels with which your customers interact. Surveys are designed and the questions crafted so users are more likely to respond. Draw on the extensive knowledge of the Salmat team to create a survey in line with your business needs.

Survey automation

Benchmark your brand quickly and easily with the out-of-the-box Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) surveys. Or, create your own unique survey. Use the automated survey and reports option to track and report on an ongoing basis.

Audience insights

Complex data becomes easy to understand using the dashboards. Allocate and track actions so the whole organisation is responsible for CX. Consider segmenting your respondents into groups for upsell, cross-sell or rescue, based on their survey responses.

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