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Competitions are a fantastic and cost-effective way to grow your database, generate sales and build brand loyalty. Launch your own online competition within a matter of minutes using Salmat’s easy-to-use, self serve platform and track your success.

Competitions & Promotions

How your brand can build its own competition and benefit from a cross-channel campaign.

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    Do it yourself

    Not only is our self-serve, competitions platform simple to use, it gives you the control to go to market quickly and efficiently.

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    Build your own campaign

    Utilise the fully-customisable templates that are proven to convert so your competition generates you leads.

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    Track in real time

    Track the success of your campaign with our platform’s real-time reporting and gain insights so you can tailor your existing and future campaigns.


Convert more people into customers using Salmat’s reasonably priced, online Competition platform. The simple way to create and manage your campaign.

Promotion Builder platform

Our platform is simple to use whether you are a developer or marketer. The platform allows you to build, track and cross-promote your competition. Whether you use one of the tried and tested templates or build your design, your competition campaign will be targeted to convert.

Multi-channel integration

Build a Microsite (landing page), embed it into your website and capture entries via SMS, text, video or photo and email confirmation of entry to participants. Then link your competition to Facebook and encourage sharing by allocating additional entries for those who share with their network.

Proven platform

Set up your competition quickly and drive conversion using a template. Alternatively, create your own design for your different channels. Whether you choose a single social media channel or multiple channels, your competition will be optimised for the platform on which it appears.


Track the success of your campaign using the platform’s analytics dashboard. The real-time data provides you with a live view of how your campaign is tracking, which channels are performing well and which need more attention. Use these insights to hone existing and upcoming campaigns.

To learn more about Competitions, contact us today or call 1300 725 628.