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Unlock the power of local area marketing with letterbox
24 October 2017
Unlock the power of local area marketing with letterbox
Learn how to target your customers on a local level using letterbox and incorporate this into a national campaign.

Unlock the power of local area marketing banner

No one marketing channel works in isolation. In this eBook, we explore how brands can build a comprehensive local marketing campaign to target customers on a community level. And it all starts with letterbox.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • What is local area marketing?
  • How you can locate and target your audience
  • How you can tailor your campaign to this audience
  • How to coordinate you campaign channels
  • How you can measure the ROI of your campaign

Local Area Marketing

Local area marketing (LAM) refers to the idea of marketing on a community level. It can encompass all marketing channels, but the focus is on tailoring the message to that specific audience. The art of LAM campaigns is to consider how each channel can work together to build on the campaign message. In this eBook, we discuss how you can use letterbox as a starting point for your LAM campaign thanks to our targeting tool SwiftPlan. Learn how to use Swiftplan to locate your audience and build out your cross-channel campaign.

3 steps to successful LAM campaigns

When building a local area marketing campaign, where does letterbox fit into the equation? In this eBook, we explain why you should start here:

Start with letterbox

Letterbox is the stalwart of local area marketing. It allows brands to get their flyer or catalogue into the homes of their target customers all over Australia.

Use SwfitPlan to target

Find out how you can use our media planning tool SwiftPlan to find and target your audience in the most cost-effective way.

Build your campaign

Use the location of your customers as the foundation for building out your local area marketing campaign across all your media channels.


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