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Voice: How 10 brands are doing it

18 January 2018
Voice: How 10 brands are doing it
Learn how brands from BMW to Tide are using voice apps in their business.
Voice: How 10 brands are doing it

In the United States, brands have quickly caught on to the rise in voice-activated virtual assistants. Download this infographic to find out how some of these brands are integrating the technology into their business strategies.

Salmat's speech experience

Voice and speech recognition is not a new technology. Most people have already come into contact with the technology. Think about when you call an institution and are directed by a recording to a department. Or, maybe you are asked to repeat the passage “my voice is my password” for identification.

Our team of experts have more than two decades of experience in the voice space using natural language interactive voice responses (NLIVR). They have now applied the learnings from this work to the voice device space with the creation of their memory game app, Australia Says. To find out more, click here.


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