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Google & Salmat Breakfast: Future of Digital
08 August 2017
Google & Salmat Breakfast
Find out what Salmat Head of Search Andrew Lane and Google’s Agency Development Manager, Mitch O-Donohue, presented on the future of digital marketing in July 2017. 

Google & Salmat Breakfast

Salmat held breakfast events in Sydney and Melbourne in July to discuss the future of digital marketing in Australia.

Attendees heard from Andrew Lane - Head of Digital Performance at Salmat, and Mitch O'Donahue - Agency Development Manager at Google; who discussed exclusive research commissioned by Salmat, and answered questions on digital marketing.

Following the event, we put together these crib notes. The notes include both the speakers’ presentations and a full transcript form the Sydney event. In addition, the notes include a transcription of the Q&A section of the event – an interesting read to find out what issues your competitors are facing.

About SMMI

The SMMI report is based on a study conducted by SSI between December 5th 2016 and January 19th, 2017. The questionnaire was administered online, across 500 marketing decision makers. The data in this release and in the Salmat Mid-Tier Marketing Index was based on a sub-section of that sample, specifically 250 marketing decision makers in mid-tier businesses, defined as having 25-200 employees.

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