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Total Tools harness the power of letterbox marketing to attract shoppers to their stores.
Total Tools harness the power of letterbox marketing to attract shoppers to their stores.
  • To increase sales, drive customers to their stores and keep them up to date on their product catalogue.
  • A targeted letterbox distribution campaign.
  • Increased store traffic and engagement with promotional offers.

Total Tools is Australia's largest independent professional trade tools retailer, with 65 stores nationwide.


A proudly Australian owned and operated franchise network, Token Tools has been servicing Australia for more than 30 years, and continues to grow and expand its products and services throughout the country. 

The company runs several promotions throughout the year and track the success of the offer by surveying all customers after they complete a transaction. With around 60% of their customers registered to their loyalty program, the Total Tools customers are an engaged group, meaning survey results are comprehensive. 


Total Tools wanted to increase sales, entice shoppers to their stores and keep them informed about their products and services. 


Salmat provides letterbox advertising to support Total Tools’ promotions and distribution for their campaigns. The catalogues are delivered to a target group of households nationally, informing people of the latest deals and products on offer.


The company’s customer survey results showed that of the 15% of shoppers that visited their stores for a promotion, more than half (53%) had done so because of viewing a catalogue.  

Darren Gunton, Total Tools’ General Manager of Marketing said their team are always keen to trial new channels and keep up to date with innovations in marketing - like social media, yet none had delivered the results of their letterbox advertising.

"They all pale in comparison to the success we have with catalogue," Mr Gunton said. 

Total Tools' success with letterbox marketing has been so strong, the advice from the team to all their franchisees has been, "think letterbox first". 

Influencing factor for
shopping the promotion
% of customers 
Catalogue 53%
Driving past 18%
Website 13%
Regular Customer 13%
Email 11%
A friend or relative 9%
SMS 6%
TV 4%
Facebook 3%
Radio 2%
Newspaper 1%


Letterbox media has been more effective for Total Tools than social, newspapers, and radio advertising. 

If you would like to learn more about letterbox marketing or integrating a digital catalogue on your website, call us today on 1300 725 628.