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TBC Kawana capitalises on NBN roll-out with letterbox offer.
TBC Kawana capitalises on NBN roll-out with letterbox offer.
  • Accurate targeting and speedy roll-out of flyer campaign required with a definitive measured device.
  • Localised flyer distribution campaign created and mapped to specific NBN roll-out where customers had to deliver the flyer to the store or text a word to a mobile phone for ring back.
  • TShopBiz, the owners of Telstra Store Kawana, achieved a 3:1 ROI as measured by actual sales.
The TShopBiz Group includes three Telstra Licensed Stores in Kawana, Caloundra and Nambour along with two Telstra Business Centres in East Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, plus an IT business We Connect You.


The TShopBiz Group worked with its marketing consultant, Marketing Makeovers, to create a letterbox campaign to let local residents know when the NBN would be launched in their area. The aim of the campaign was to get residents to register their interest with the group’s Telstra Stores so the staff could call the customers back when their household was able to transition across to the NBN.  

The flyer, which was supplied to Salmat already printed, encouraged residents to complete the form on the reverse of the flyer and drop it into their local store. Alternatively, residents could text a code to a specific number registering their interest. Anyone that did so would be kept informed of the latest NBN packages on offer and be entered into a special draw to win $2000 worth of travel.


  • Turnaround time was quick and time-specific.

  • The drops were very localised, following the roll-out of the NBN which is a street by street roll out rather than whole postcodes or suburbs at a time.


TShopBiz Group supplied details of the NBN roll-out and street maps to the team at Salmat who matched their network of walkers to this. A Drop of approximately 15,000 flyers was made to the selected areas as the NBN was rolled out in that area. 

Salmat’s flexibility to distribute to specific households has proved particularly successful for the TshopBiz and their various outlets in South East Queensland. 


By capitalising on the national rollout of the NBN across the Sunshine Coast, TShopBiz was able to achieve a 3:1 return on investment. This was calculated in gross profit from each sale made to those customers who registered their interest from the campaign. 

The letterbox campaign proved to be more successful than any of the other mediums used, as the business was able to reach only the customers in the rollout areas. This reduced non-profitable interactions with customers outside of these rollout areas. 

Ian Clark of Marketing Makeovers conducts the marketing for the TShopBiz Group and built the campaign. Clark said that of all the mediums used in the campaign, letterbox was the one that returned “a measurable and profitable result”.

Clark said: “We chose letterbox because it’s very targeted and because there was a fair amount of information we had to include. We needed a medium that could convey a story and tell the customers what they needed to know and do.

“We took a loss on radio and didn’t cover our costs nor did we using local press or outdoor advertising. With letterbox we achieved a 3:1 return on investment. The campaign allowed us to collect a lot of names and addresses and we are continuing to see the benefits across other areas where we now only use letterbox drops and local face to face events.”

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