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Australia’s largest nursery retailer Baby Bunting harnesses the power of letterbox advertising.
Australia’s largest nursery retailer Baby Bunting harnesses the power of letterbox advertising.
  • Catalogue distribution closely tied to revenue.
  • Targeted distribution with digital integration.
  • Extended reach and improved sales.
Baby Bunting is Australia's largest nursery retailer and baby shop. Established in Melbourne more than 35 years ago, it has grown from a single store in suburban Balwyn to employ 700 people across 36 superstores. Customers can purchase all the top brands in store or online on its eCommerce site.


Three years ago, in an attempt to optimise marketing spend, Baby Bunting overhauled the existing methodologies it used to distribute catalogues to become more targeted in its distribution based on a number of newly established metrics. The impact on revenue was immediate and dramatic.


The company needed to regain lost revenue by reinvigorating its letterbox advertising and optimising the campaign with a focus on reaching its target audience, mums.


Baby Bunting took a new approach to its letterbox campaign. Distribution volumes were increased, but with a new focus on targeting. The company combined store data with demographic data to identify pockets of potential customers that previously were not receiving the catalogue.

In addition to improved targeting, the retailer extended the reach of its catalogue by housing it on Salmat’s online catalogue aggregator Lasoo – a channel its competitors also utilise.


Since increasing letterbox distribution volumes and introducing Lasoo, Baby Bunting has returned to previous sale volumes. In conjunction, the brand has greatly increased its digital presence, with more than 2 million catalogue opens and a staggering 355 million impressions via Lasoo.

“Our customers love catalogues. They are mums – they love print and are always engaged with it. We are continuously reviewing existing catchments and increasing print catchment areas based on segmentation, customer data, HES data and store manager feedback,” said Baby Bunting’s Marketing Manager Asha Desai.

“Lasoo is a great platform to target customers who love browsing catalogues and purchasing online. It enables us to tap into a wider audience that we wouldn’t necessarily have access to if we were just relying on just our own e-commerce site. A number of our competitors also advertise through Lasoo.

“We always want to be top of mind. We’ve increased conversion, site visits, time on site. We have also increased the number of unique visitors. These are all measures we analyse on an ongoing basis.”

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