5 Flyer Design Rules That Will Turn Heads And Win Hearts

by The Salmat Team
01 December 2014
5 Flyer Design Rules That Will Turn Heads And Win Hearts
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Looks matter. We hate to say it, but they do. People make snap judgements in every aspect of life, and the only way to turn heads and win hearts is to make sure you make the best first impression.
…when it comes to letterbox flyer design, that is.

The second your business’ flyer is picked up, the decision making process begins on whether or not they invest their time into reading it. As their eyes scan down the page, consciously or unconsciously, they weigh up the style, font, colours, headlines, consistency, clutter, and more. And they do all this in just milliseconds.

So how do you create an effective flyer design that makes a great first impression and wins over potential customers? 

1. Design for your audience

One campaign does not fit all. So before you even start thinking about what your flyer should look like, you need to put yourself into the shoes of your potential customers. What makes them tick? What would grab their attention? What gets them excited – is it the latest fitness classes, quick half-hour workouts, big discounts, or gruelling PT sessions

Even though you may be targeting both female and male gym-goers, talk to them differently. Think about it; those looking for local Preggi Bellies or Zumba classes won’t be attracted by the same design as those wanting to pump some iron. It is only when you put the customer at the centre of your strategy and communicate in their language, they will respond.

2. Get them to act now

A call to action is a powerful tool to get your audience to do what you want. It might only be one or two words on your direct mail flyer, but those words hold the most power of them all. Without them, the chance of your flyer being effective is next to none.

The magic of a call to action is in its wording. Use a command such as “JOIN TODAY!” or “CALL US NOW!”. If you’re not sure which to go with, put them to the test to see which one gets the best results. 

3. Choose a font that speaks louder than words

It’s a little known fact that typeface is one of the most compelling elements of design. Whether you play it safe with Arial or risk everything with Comic Sans, the font you choose can make the difference between a flyer that grabs attention and one that fades into the background. Use eye-catching fonts to draw attention to key messages, headlines and especially the call to action. Play with font styles that will set the tone of the design. But whatever you do, don’t underestimate the potential of your font..

4. Keep it simple

Ever heard the KISS principle: Keep It Simple Stupid? There’s nothing more likely to send your flyer straight in with the rubbish than one that’s crammed with too many messages, products and images. The fact is people are busy and don’t have time to read everything in detail.

Don’t use your flyer as a vehicle to tell them everything about your business. Instead, choose one single message that’s relevant to both your audience and your brand, and focus on making this crystal clear. If you’re struggling to decide on one message, make a list of things you want to include and put them in order of priority. Then, at the very most, only include the top two.

5. Be consistent

Nobody knows better than you on the importance of consistency in reaching your goals. Just as the rule works for fitness goals, it works just as well for your marketing campaigns. Experience tells us that consumers need to see a message three times before they take action, which means three letterbox distributions at least will achieve the best response rates.

The trick is to be consistent in their design. While you vary your offers, headlines and images, you should use the same voice, colour schemes, fonts and other design elements in all of your direct mail pieces. This is the best way to establish a strong brand that your audience will come to recognise and trust.

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