The Technology and Innovation Committee is a committee of the Board. It has been formed to acknowledge the key role that information technology and innovation will play in the future development of the company. Its membership consists of three non-executive directors of Salmat Limited as well as the Chief Executive Officer and Group Chief Operating Officer.

The Chair of this Committee is Mark Webster. Mark has extensive hands-on experience in extending traditional businesses into the online environment, both in the bloodstock and media industries.

The primary purpose of the Committee is to provide the Board with oversight and direction of Salmat’s Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) programs including research and innovation investments.

The Committee Charter is adopted by the Board.

The responsibility of the Committee is to optimise the impact of technology and associated services on the Salmat operational businesses, specifically to:

  • Review and approve management’s ICT strategy and architecture
  • Oversee all IT projects over $1 million, including review of all post implementation reviews performed
  • Oversee acquisitions in developing operations and businesses
  • Review ICT businesses, products, partnerships and relationships for opportunities from a customer communications perspective
  • Review ICT operational performance
  • Oversee Salmat’s ICT services partnerships
  • Maintain a watching brief on ICT and industry specific developments and opportunities
  • Oversee the ICT risk profile for Salmat including disaster recovery and business continuity planning
  • Oversee the company’s innovation framework to ensure regular flow of innovation concepts and ideas; and
  • Review, incubate and endorse the development of innovative concepts into opportunities for investment

The Committee invites external advisors and/or other Salmat executives to attend meetings at the Committee’s discretion, where their knowledge or expertise can make a material contribution.