The People Performance Committee is a committee of the Board. Its membership consists of the independent non-executive directors of Salmat Limited. The Chairman of the Committee is Mr Mark Webster.

The Committee Charter is adopted by the Board.

The responsibility of the committee is to:

  • Review overall remuneration policies and ensure they are in accord with current best practice
  • Determine the remuneration arrangements for the Chief Executive Officer and approve the Chief Executive Officer's recommendations for the other senior executives nominated by the Chief Executive Officer
  • Set the performance targets for the Chief Executive Officer and review performance against these targets.
  • Review and approve their recommended performance targets for other senior executives
  • Determine the long term incentive strategy for the Chief Executive Officer and approve recommendations for other senior staff
  • Review succession planning of the Chief Executive Officer and plans for senior executives
  • Oversight of the Company's compliance with the occupational health and safety legislation in the relevant jurisdictions in which it operates

Salmat has retained independent advisers who provide information on current best practice (including remuneration levels) for executive and non-executive remuneration. The committee reviews remuneration levels in the light of this advice and the individual's performance. The Chief Executive Officer attends committee meetings to review remuneration levels for other staff.