Salmat is committed to complying with the continuous disclosure obligations of the Corporations Act and the ASX Listing Rules.

Salmat understands and respects the fact that timely disclosure of relevant information is central to the efficient operation of the securities market. The Company has a continuous Disclosure Policy, which also covers the conduct of investor and analyst's briefings and communications with the media.

Materiality and Disclosure

The company has a published Disclosure Policy for timely and accurate release of material events. The policy focuses on continuous disclosure of information concerning the company that a reasonable person would expect to have a material effect on the price of the company's securities. As a general guideline, the Board considers that any financial impact which affects group revenue or profit by more than 10% will be considered material.

All price sensitive announcements made via the ASX are then immediately posted on the company's website. Similarly, prior to any analyst briefing on aspects of the Group's operations, the material used in the presentation is released to the ASX and subsequently posted on the company's website.


Salmat places considerable importance on effective communication with shareholders.

The Company Secretary is nominated as the person responsible for communications with the ASX. This role includes responsibility for ensuring compliance with the continuous disclosure requirements in the ASX listing rules.

All shareholders may receive a copy of the company's annual report. In addition, the company has made available electronic communication of all price sensitive announcements for convenience of all shareholders. Since our public float in December 2002, all price sensitive company announcements and financial reports are available on our website.