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Shopping lists completed at the speed of voice – ‘Lasoo List’ paves way for shoppers to save time and money

10 December 2018

New voice activated tool allows shoppers to create lists on-the-go and shows deals from Australia’s biggest retailers

Australia, December 10, 2018: The days of hand-written shopping lists are numbered with the launch of a new voice activated experience – ‘Lasoo List’ – by retail experts Salmat . Launched today, the tool allows Aussie shoppers to create shopping lists with their voice and be alerted to the best deals for things on their list. The experience is available through the Google Assistant on their phone or through a Google Home device and is linked to the online catalogue aggregator site, which features sales and promotions from a number of leading retailers such as Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, Myer and Chemist Warehouse.

Lasoo List is designed for busy people, helping them multi-task while at home or on the run. For example, shoppers can create and manage their shopping list hands-free, by simply “Lassoing it”, even when they are busy cooking dinner or loading the washing machine. All they have to do to access it is say, “Hey Google, talk to Lasoo”, and then ask Lasoo to add or remove an item to their shopping list. Simple! Shoppers can also access their list while they are in-store using their phone, to check off items in real-time as they are purchased.

It’s also great for bargain hunting. Using the power of voice, Lasoo List will alert shoppers to sales and promotions of items that are on their shopping list. Users are also able to ask Lasoo List to find the best deals on items they’re interested in, giving shoppers the peace of mind in knowing they are getting the best prices.

Aussie uptake of voice assistants increases tenfold in past year

The release of the ne w tool comes just as Australians pick up the global trend of voice-led browsing. New research by Salmat found that 42% of consumers either already owned an in-home voice assistant (10%) or were considering buying one in the future (32%). The ownership of voice technology has seen a marked increase in ownership. When Salmat previously asked about voice ownership in November 2017, ownership of a voice assistant was just 1% whereas the most recent findings reveal 10% of Aussies now own a voice device, equating to a tenfold increase.

Further, over two-thirds of Aussie shoppers (67%) agreed they would find it helpful if their in-home voice assistant device enabled them to create and manage a shopping list just using their voice. Multitasking was seen as the main benefit for consumers to be able to use their voice to manage their shopping list (58%).

Australians using voice-assistants to find discounts and deals

Three quarters (74%) said it would be helpful if their in-home voice assistant used the information on that shopping list to alert them to relevant discounts and sales. When asked what would be the most important features for shopping with an in-home voice assistant, the top three identified by consumers were good speech recognition (52%), access to the best deals (48%) and wide choice (40%)

Consumer are most interested in using an in-home voice assistant to research and purchase groceries (52%), electronics (46%), holidays and travel (34%), and clothing and accessories (34%).

Karen Lewis, Head of Digital & Performance Marketing, Salmat is thrilled to offer the new voice activated experience as an extension of the successful Lasoo platform.

“We’re so proud to launch Lasoo List today. Our research tells us that more and more Aussie consumers are looking to use voice technology to seek the best prices, discounts and manage their shopping lists. Lasoo List really is a one-stop-shop for busy Aussie shoppers and is the best place to find, and save on all kinds of household and grocery items.”

Lasoo List launches today, but Salmat will continue to refine the experience based on consumer feedback to ensure it continues to not only help consumers, but delight them as well.

Karen’s top tips for Australian shoppers

  • - Remember to ask Lasoo List to find you the best deals as there are many savings to be had!
  • - Don’t be afraid to use Lasoo List for things other than groceries. The tool works equally well for Christmas gift lists as well as comparing big ticket items such as TVs, smartphones and laptops
  • - If you see an advertised price on an item you are looking at purchasing – run it past Lasoo List, you might end up saving even more!



About the research
The figures in this release are based on the ACRS Omnibus Tracker from August 2017. The ACRS Omnibus Tracker is a quarterly tracking study of consumers’ multichannel preferences and behaviour, based on a survey of 500 Australian shoppers.

About Lasoo
Lasoo is Australia’s leading online destination for smarter shopping by providing a single platform to search, sort and what to buy where.

With the latest offers from Australia’s leading retailers, Lasoo endeavors to empower the Australian shoppers with all the information they need to make better shopping decisions before they even step into a store.

About Salmat
Salmat is a leading Australian marketing services provider. We help clients connect with their customers, week-in, week-out. Salmat's unique combination of targeted letterbox and online marketing channels enables clients to Reach, Convert and Serve their customers. We also provide a wide range of back office solutions, through our Philippines-based Managed Services business.

Founded in 1979, Salmat has evolved from a small letterbox distribution business to an ASX-listed company. With a talented team across three countries we work with some of Australia’s most recognised and trusted brands.

Reach: We offer the broadest reach media (online & offline), with the ability to target individuals and up to 17 million people. Convert: We deliver conversion across multiple channels, creating more opportunities for our clients’ customers to buy Serve: We make every one of our clients’ interactions count online and offline.

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