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Statement in reference to Fairfax article dated 7 October 2018

08 October 2018

Statement in reference to Fairfax articles dated 31 August and 7 October 2018

Salmat engages independent contractors for its letterbox delivery service. Independent contractors have substantial discretion and control in the services they provide. Independent contractors manage how and when they deliver, which allows them to choose the time that suits them, often working around other commitments like study, family duties, work or running a small business. 

The difference between independent contractors and sub-contractors

 The Fairfax article dated 31 August 2018 featured a sub-contractor, Mr Barman. 

Some independent contractors choose to sub-contract to others to assist them in providing the service. Salmat is not involved in this process and does not have visibility of the arrangement between the independent contractors and those to whom they sub-contract.

To our knowledge, we have never received any complaint about sub-contractor pay rates. We have also never received any complaint or information about any sub-contractors not being paid – this is not conduct we would support nor condone and we would investigate any such specific allegation immediately if sufficient detail is provided to allow us to do so. 

We have commenced a general investigation into sub-contracting arrangements as a whole. In addition, we are investigating the specific claims made by Ms Young in the Fairfax article dated 7 October 2018. 

About the salmathub app 

The salmathub app is designed to assist Salmat’s distributors. It enables independent contractors to receive, review and accept their contracts; and enables communication. It also allows them to decide the most efficient route to take to complete their delivery.

Salmat's clients want to know that their letterbox campaigns are delivered. The salmathub app provides details of routes taken and allows Salmat to provide confirmation to clients, as required. Independent contractors have full control over when this delivery route data is sent to Salmat, and the location information is not shared in real-time. No other information stored in the app is shared externally or with any other party. 


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