5 Surefire Ways To Boost Membership For Your Club Or Association

by The Salmat Team
22 September 2014
5 Surefire Ways To Boost Membership For Your Club Or Association
Whether you belong to a local club committee, charity, association or community centre, the challenge of acquiring new members can at times prove overwhelming. Rest assured that you’re not alone – time after time, clubs and associations of all types have scratched their heads and asked themselves, “how can we grow and attract more members?”

Growing your club membership and increasing awareness amongst the locals using methods such as letterbox advertising is a proven way to drive results. In order to pull off the most effective letterbox distribution campaign possible, it’s important to conduct some research and ask yourself all the right questions.

When it comes to letterbox marketing for your club/association, here are our top 5 sure-fire marketing tips to help grow your membership base:

1: Understand your target market and base your marketing plan around them.

Before you start organising the letterbox drop, make sure you have a solid marketing plan or strategy in place. Predict a timeline for completion, as well as a suitable budget that takes into account what kind of return you’re expecting. Remember to not only set goals, but make sure they are SMART goals.

It’s also crucial that you truly know and understand your existing member base and the target marketing you wish to connect with. Ask questions, collect statistics and understand what they are looking for when it comes to joining a club or taking part in an event. Are they looking to meet new people, or improve a skill? Do they have a need that your club can fulfil? Can your club provide value to their lives?

Don’t forget to talk to the “decision-maker” – if you run a junior sports team, apart from telling the kids how much fun it would be to take part in your games, you need to also persuade their moms on the positive qualities your business can provide their child. After all, it is up the parents on whether their child will join or not.

2: Portray a strong, positive club culture.

There are many different club cultures; however, the best ones focus on building close relationships with members and fostering them so that shared goals/outcomes may be achieved. Remember: you might have new members coming through the door, but they won’t stay unless the club portrays a healthy, active and happy culture.

Make new members feel welcome with a ‘buddy’ program, or enlist some of your most charismatic speakers to host the next information night. Whatever you choose, ensure your positive culture is communicated on your letterbox advertising. Use language and content tailored to match the tone of your association along with vibrant, block colours to grab attention. Don’t forget to include your social media pages, address and contact details to make sure potential members can easily find out more!

3: Keep your club fresh and relevant.

Don’t get caught up in running the same kind of events or constantly sticking to the same routine! Try new things and ignite sparks of excitement to keep existing members enthusiastic and spike potential members’ curiosity. If you run a local footy club, you could host a game for charity, taking donations for a cause that members are passionate about. Show that you are part of the community and that you care – people will care back!

4: Be creative with your design.

It’s crucial that your flyer stands out – not only in terms of what you write, but also in terms of its’ colour scheme and images. Use coloured text boxes, feature photos of members or mascots. Start with a unique headline and make sure the overall design appeals to who your potential members are. Ask yourself what types of flyer designs would catch their eye? Whether it is funny, emotional, outgoing or cute, test your flyers with potential members and see what works best.

5: Highlight your point of difference.

What are your unique qualities? Do you host themed events or have the best facilities in town? Are you for a cause that is close to the local’s hearts? Establishing your point of difference in your leaflet not only creates a stronger club identity, but will also set the tone for all future messages.

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