Why you need to amplify your digital catalogue

by Daniel Salter
20 March 2017
Why you need to amplify your digital catalogue
Digital catalogues are a great way to reach your customers if you have the correct amplifications channels in place. Here’s what to consider.

Did you know that more than two million Australians read a digital catalogue each month?
If you're already printing catalogues, supplementing your physical distribution with a digital version won't require a huge investment of time or money. Unlike print, a digital catalogue won't land on the customer's doormat, but, with a reliable distribution channel you can make sure it reaches your target shoppers.
So where should you start?
The most effective place to promote digital catalogues is through online shopping portals, such as Lasoo. Read on to learn how to expand the reach of your digital catalogue on catalogue aggregation sites and beyond.

Online catalogue aggregation sites

Lasoo is Australia's top online catalogue aggregator, receiving nearly a million visits per month. When you put your catalogue up on Lasoo, you'll be in front of a ready and engaged audience.

Lasoo is Salmat's digital catalogue shopping aggregator

Lasoo is Salmat's online catalogue aggregator.

Shoppers come to Lasoo to find what to buy and where to buy it. Some 53% of people who visit the site go on to make a purchase, either online or in-store. When you submit your digital catalogue to Lasoo, your products will be added to the site's database across multiple categories.
Lasoo doesn't just host your catalogue. It helps you out in other ways too.

Benefits of Lasoo

  • Converting your print catalogue to digital.
  • Boosting conversions with an integrated shopping cart.
  • Geolocation targeting for shoppers in different regions.
  • Real-time analytics to see how your catalogue's performing and refine your campaigns.

Getting your catalogue on Lasoo is a great start. By promoting it, you can guarantee eyes on your catalogue when you need them most. Here are a few options.

Display ads

Take out display ads in prominent locations on the Lasoo site during key retail periods and you're sure to get noticed.
Get on the homepage slider and you'll have shoppers' undivided attention.

Weekly newsletter

Even if shoppers don't visit Lasoo every week, they'll still get your catalogue in their inbox when you feature in the newsletter.
Lasoo's newsletter is sent out to 120,000 registered subscribers every Wednesday.


Sixty per cent of Lasoo traffic comes from mobile. The Lasoo app and your catalogue's responsive design make it easier for mobile shoppers to browse and buy on their phone, tablet or other device.

Lasoo App
Lasoo's app is another channel on which shoppers can read your catalogue.

Beyond catalogue aggregation sites

And the benefits don't end at Lasoo.

Crossing platforms

Beyond the site itself, Lasoo continues to build awareness of your brand and to drive links to your catalogue among its substantial social media followers,newsletter subscribers and cookie pool of 3.26 million unique users. Here's how.


When you promote your new digital catalogue on your own social account, Lasoo can tweak your ad for its own Facebook followers. They'll be given a link to your catalogue on the Lasoo site.
With targeted Facebook ads, you can even reach shoppers whose household addresses are unreachable or outside the delivery area of your print catalogues.

Google Display Network 

If shoppers browsed your catalogue on Lasoo but didn't make a purchase, display ads can be delivered to cookied users through Google remarketing campaigns.
This keeps your brand in mind and puts interested shoppers a click away from your catalogue.


Nothing grabs attention and converts like video, and you don't even have to make your own videos to benefit.

Coles YouTube

Coles has used video as another way to promote catalogue content.

Lasoo can create short,dynamic videos for YouTube and Facebook based on your latest catalogue content, including unique versions with different products or prices for different audiences.

Take offline online

Turning your print catalogue into a digital one isn't a big leap, especially when you let Lasoo take care of the little details to help you reach more customers and get more conversions.
Find out more about advertising with Lasoo or call us on 1300 725 628.

About the author
Daniel Salter
National Sales Director - Lasoo

Having completed a Bachelor’s degree in E-commerce Daniel was first employed by IBM, which put his trajectory on the path towards Salmat, where in 2007, he set up Salmat's Digital Catalogue business with Paul Marshall and Matt Mason. Today, Daniel is a Business Consultant within the Group Solutions Team, where he spends his time looking for new opportunities to differentiate and innovate Salmat's Media business by analysing market trends and listening to what Salmat's retail customers want.

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