Why SMS works for internal communications

by Albert Calderon
01 August 2017
Why SMS works for internal communications
As employees become more mobile, it’s high time employers acknowledged the speed, cut-through and convenience of SMS for internal communications.

Did you know most of us check our phones every 30 minutes? Smartphones are an entrenched part of our daily lives. They keep us connected, and many of us get anxious when we’re left without one. So it’s surprising that organisations aren’t turning to the channel more often as an internal communication tool. As employees become increasingly frustrated by email overload, SMS could become the most effective method to cut through the noise.
Recent technology has made SMS a viable internal communication tool, thanks to its simple and easy integration with business systems. Here are some of the benefits SMS can bring to any organisation.


Most of the time, an SMS only takes a few seconds to reach the recipient, making the medium perfect for internal notifications that just can’t wait.
With a fully integrated SMS communication channel, IT staff can be alerted instantly when a problem arises. This enables them to act immediately to resolve breakdowns that may affect customer sales or experiences. Similarly, retailers who integrate SMS with their eCommerce platform can set up alerts for when stock reaches critical levels and need replenishing.

An immediate SMS notification protocol can also form part of an organisation’s emergency action plan. By sending updates to employees in real-time, organisations can mitigate the risks posed by any eventuality. This could mean instant alerts to fire wardens in the event of an emergency, bulk SMS to staff around office closures, direct communications to the IT recovery team on the event of a service outage, or notifications to management around the release of financial results.

Cuts through the noise 

Employees today are so burdened with emails that they’re becoming more selective about which ones they read. So much so, in fact, that only 50% of internal emails are even opened, compared to a 99% open rate for SMS.
SMS offers more certainty that employees will read the information they’re sent, and respond if they have the option. For instance, an organisation interested in conducting employee satisfaction surveys is guaranteed a better reply rate using SMS compared to email. It also acts as a great tool to notify staff of upcoming events, like conferences, training, company socials or charity activities.    

Reach anyone, anywhere 

An SMS lands in the palm of your hand, regardless of location or internet connection. This can prove extremely useful –particularly for staff who work away from their desks, like tradesmen or a travelling sales team. 
Businesses that rely on casual staff can configure their SMS campaign portal with staff rostering systems, notifying teams of their weekly roster and automatically sending requests to fill a shift when others cancel. So, business can continue as usual without the need for countless calls or emails.
The process of recruiting and onboarding new employees can also be made easier with SMS. Employers can send job postings to existing employees to promote internal hires, or notify external interviewees of upcoming appointments.
SMS is a powerful tool that, when integrated with your existing internal communications strategy, encourages two-way conversation, helps to achieve compliance, and improves employee engagement and productivity.

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