What Is Considered 'Personal Information' Under The New Privacy Principles?

by Salmat
11 February 2014

Personal Information is classified as:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Address
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Address
  • Cradit/Debit card Details

There are new changes to the Australian Privacy Act 1988 and these will apply from the 12th March, 2014. Under the new unified Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) it is important for businesses to consider how they are collecting, storing and using personal information about their customers.

Failure to compay could result in fines from the Australian Privacy Commissioner of $1.7million for each contravention. At Salmat, we want to ensure your business is compliant. If your business uses newsletters, weekly offer messages, web based data capture forms, these will need to be reviewed before the 12th of March.

Find out more about how Salmat can help ensure you are compliant with the new Privacy Laws click here.

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