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Top 5 Uses Of Site Intercept Surveys (And Why They Matter)

by Salmat
20 November 2014

Businesses today are armed with the tools to create ever more dynamic and engaging website experiences.Each tool has the potential to deliver in-depth data about the user experience. However, it’s only by supplementing this numerical data with the voice of customer that you can truly attain the Holy Grail of web analytics.

Site intercept surveys are an impressively simple way to get insights directly from your web visitors. These are the insights that will drive your future strategy, allowing you to design a better site and improve the customer experience.

The challenge is knowing which website intercept survey will deliver the insights you need to attain your business goals.

1. Site Experience Survey

This survey is designed to capture general satisfaction regarding the website experience. You might ask the visitor to rate their overall satisfaction with the website, ease of use or how likely they are to choose your company based on their website experience, giving you the all-important Net Promoter Score.
As you roll out new web content, products or designs, satisfaction feedback will tell you how these changes affect the user experience. Add in some open-ended questions and you’ll get a continuous flow of information about ways to improve the site.

2. E-commerce Conversion Survey

Conversion is the ultimate goal of any website. While your clickstream data provides a good idea of what customers are doing – converting or not converting – the survey will tell you why they are doing it. Simply ask them, and then use the direct feedback to optimise the site’s design and improve conversions.

3. E-commerce Shopping Cart Abandonment Survey

There are countless reasons why people abandon their shopping cart mid-transaction. It pays to understand which reasons are valid for your customers so you can continuously improve the e-commerce experience. Similar to the conversion survey above, this survey simply asks, “Why did you choose not to buy?” Then, join the survey data with the cart data to segment based on products.

4. E-Commerce Transaction Survey

How easy it is for customers to do business with you through your website? This survey provides a constant pulse on this critical question. The most effective transactional surveys are designed as a close-loop system, so immediately after purchase, you ask your customer how satisfied they were with the transaction. If they give one out of five stars, you can create an alert to a staff member who will follow up with that customer before it’s too late. If they are extremely satisfied, give them the opportunity to share their experience on Twitter or Facebook.

5. Demographic Information Survey

This is a simple yet powerful tool for multichannel retailers seeking to understand their website customer versus their traditional customer. This survey asks demographic questions (gender, age, postcode, etc.), which will inform more targeted and relevant marketing strategies.

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