Three Ways Successful Sites Sell More

by David Voorn
18 January 2016

But what does a successful ecommerce site look like?

Sure, their average basket size and return visits are higher, but look closer and you’ll see successful sites not only spend a lot of time marketing their product, they also focus on getting their customer experience (CX) right.

Great CX means combining a clever user interface (UI) with excellent customer service, and anticipating your customer’s needs one step ahead at all times.

Here are five things you can do today to join those at the top – and start selling more.

Turn it into a game

Top performing companies create a ‘renewable resource’ of loyal customers. By the end of year three in business, a majority of their revenue is coming from repeat purchases.

A smart way to do this is through a membership program. Take jet.com, for example. Launched in mid­2015 with $140 million in funding, this wholesale proposition is doing its very best to kill Amazon.

And it might just succeed. Jet.com offers customer the opportunity to purchase products at cost price for membership fee. Right now, they are the biggest retailer to focus on customer experience through tactics like one hour delivery and super­competitive prices.

And here’s where jet.com gets really clever: discounts compound with every additonal purchase.

There are some simple conversion­driving takeaways from jet.com’s homepage that you can use to make a huge difference when it comes to quick buy­in and action:


  • Top section: clearly explains the value proposition and activates the shopping experience
  • Middle section: highlights the key benefit (save, save, save!)
  • Bottom section: big freemium CTA + a demo video

Jet.com amps­up the benefits of membership by making shopping feel like a ‘video game’.

Customers rack­up discount points as they go – this use of savings actions ultimately makes them feel as though they are gaming the system – encouraging customers to keep going and follow­through with their commitment to buy.

Talk about up­ing the emotional stake a customer has in their purchase.

Get customer­-centric

Generation Z, those aged 18 to 24, are now spending one in ten of their dollars online.

This generation has notoriously high expectations and a seriously limited attention span, so retailers need to up their game to convert this famously fickle market.

Take a cue from zappos.com, the apparel retailer out­classing them all when it comes to above-and­beyond customer service:


How? Zappos simply invested their entire marketing budget into customer service.

Here are some just some of the ways in which Zappos engages their customers better than anyone right now:

  • By sending flowers to a customer who ordered six different pairs of shoes because her feet were injured
  • When Zappos ran out of stock, a customer service agent up and went to a rival shoe store to get a specific pair of shoes for a customer
  • By overnight expressing a free pair of shoes to a best man who had arrived a wedding shoeless
  • Zappos also paid the tolls on a major US turnpike for one whole day
  • And, perhaps most importantly, Zappos agents don’t read from scripts.

Impressive? Yup. Fanatical? Perhaps a little. But the above stories are now­legendary examples of how a focus on the customer, first and foremost, will forever leave an emotional imprint. One that will keep the customer coming back again and again.

Have a way with words

This is a simple one. Hire a copywriter. One that can weave your USP and brand values into every single bit of copy on your site. But make it surprise and delight your customer.

After all, our brains love being surprised!

Take bonobos.com, for example.

bonobos main


bonobos three

bonobos four

bonobos five

These guys get it right every step of the way – from their customer service prompts, to giving every product a distinct ‘personality’ the customer can’t help but fall in love with them.

The demand to be able to shop online has spurred quite the race, with new and innovative ecommerce offerings springing­up on an almost daily basis.

But the truth remains, even the biggest, baddest retailers consistently lose revenue by neglecting to listen to their customers.

Simply, increasing your ecommerce conversions comes down to making gradual, targeted improvements that centre on the customer and make the experience of shopping with you one that’s unforgettable for all the right reasons.

Ready to up your ecommerce game? We can help you make (and break) the rules. Learn more about Salmat's eCommerce offering here or call us on 1300 725 628.


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