Swiftplan explained: what you need to know

by Shaun Lyall
03 October 2017
Swiftplan explained: what you need to know
How can you harness the power of targeted letterbox campaigns with SwiftPlan? We talk you through the media planning tool.

An enduring challenge for any marketer is how to best target your audience efficiently and cost-effectively with letterbox media. 
Thanks to geo-targeted media planning tools like SwiftPlan, the days of impulsive, scattergun letterbox marketing campaigns are over. The future is data-driven, where innovative audience segmentation and mapping provide valuable insights about your future customers. 

What is SwiftPlan?

Put simply, SwiftPlan is a feature-rich online media planning tool that gives you instant access to the most granular geo-targeted consumer data sets available.
Developed by Salmat, SwiftPlan draws on more than 50 variables, including Census data, household expenditure, and psychographic segmentation to generate highly-targeted audiences and cost estimates in minutes, with pinpoint accuracy. It can even tell you whether there are children in a household. These features make letterbox campaign planning easier, helping you make more informed decisions about your marketing efforts and deliver a tangible return on investment (ROI).

And because the tool was developed with media agencies, it has all the features they appreciate, including self-service, a user-friendly interface,nifty integrated mapping tools, and more.

How can SwiftPlan help you?

In a practical sense, SwiftPlan makes light work of complex geo-targeted marketing, helping you target your customers.

Target your customers based on:

  • Where they live Where they shop How old they are Their disposable income What they're interested in

SwiftPlan in action

 So, what makes SwiftPlan tick? Without getting too technical, SwiftPlan uses a sophisticated set of algorithms that crunch a range of data sets, like age, gender, region, and income, allowing the user to map their distribution areas effectively. 

The tool draws from the following data sources:

  • Roy Morgan’s Helix personas – including consumer attitudes, behaviours, and values
  • Marketfind's geo-demographic segments
  • Census data
  • Household Expenditure Estimates based on the ABS, Household Expenditure Survey
  • geoTribe's geo-demographic data

From your dashboard, it’s as easy as plugging in your critical parameters – region, demographic statistics, budget, and distribution date – and letting the tool establish the best (and most cost-effective) targeted audience for your campaign. 

SwiftPlan functionality

What features and functionality can you expect when you log in to SwiftPlan? Here is a taster.

Dial in the data

With the demographic data available, you have the power to work out who your audience is and what motivates them. You can reach your selected target audience at any life stage, too, and use accurate heat maps to visualise penetration, right down to areas as small as 200 households. 

Paired with psychographic data, you can then target the audience that matters, and identify any geographic gaps you need to cover with other channels. SwiftPlan’s data also gives you insights you can use to define a target audience for any type of campaign – outdoor, in-store, or letterbox.

Customise your campaign

Every campaign is different, which is why SwiftPlan was designed with clever customisation tools and filters. You can choose from standard age and gender filters, through to average household income or household spending on different product categories. You can also custom build your own catchment areas and add your own points of interest. This could be the location of all your stores or outlets, as well as those of your competitors.

Create, collaborate and cost

SwiftPlan was designed in consultation with its users (media planners), so it has a range of user-friendly features. This starts with an intuitive interface that prioritises self-service and allows you to plan, build, and order an entire campaign in real-time. You can then share the project with colleagues and get instant feedback – all without a messy email chain. And when it comes time for print production, you can choose from 10 formats, including A4, A5, A6, and DL, with multiple fold options and paper stocks.

A swift and effective way to target prospects

SwiftPlan’s innovative audience segmentation and mapping can provide valuable insights about customers that can help to drive sales and improve ROI. In a business environment where data has become the lifeblood of targeted marketing, SwiftPlan offers even greater precision.
Contact Salmat to find out more about SwiftPlan or our letterbox marketing services or call us on 1300 725628.

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