Sell More With These Catalogue Marketing Tips

by The Salmat Team
18 January 2016


Think that most people only read their mail en route to the garbage bin? Think again.

Just over 11.5 million Australians read letterbox media every week and, according to new research conducted by Nielsen, catalogues are a favourite go-to when we’re on the hunt to buy something, or looking for something to flick through in our downtime.

From what’s on sale, to what’s new in-store, your customers are still looking to their letterbox for extra inspiration.

A much-loved medium

Many modern marketers are yet to consider the catalogue in their their digital-first conversion funnels, let alone how to effectively prove letterbox ROI.

Truth is, modern catalogue marketing is less about the medium, more about tapping into a increasingly targeted distribution channel.

With 72% of readers spending over 30 minutes a week reading catalogues, the letterbox is truly worth another look when it comes to saving dollars and boosting sales.

In this article you’ll learn how smart marketers are using powerful data to find new customers through letterbox and how you can start doing the same today.

Ready, aim, fire!

Most customers in the market for specific products will read any catalogue that drops on their doorstep.

The numbers don’t lie. 60% of new car buyers, 65% of big spenders, 63% online shoppers, 54% of all men, 62% of young families read letterbox media every week. That means there’s a customer base ready and waiting to read about your brand.

All you need to do is target those potential fans, and convert them into brand believers. Sounds simple enough, but if you’re new to letterbox media, where do you even start?

The journey begins with some seriously data-driven tools. Yep, there’s more data to letterbox than meets the eye!

Here are just some of the methodologies used in letterbox profiling to help businesses find their customer’s whereabouts, or pinpoint a new demographic:

  • 1. Geography profiling for a single store catchment, up to multiple catchment areas around the country

  • 2. Segmentation of Australian population into a series of socioeconomic profiles

  • 3. Drawing on independent research to incorporate personas and geotribes

  • 4. Identifying household expenditure using ABS Household Surveys and Census data

  • 5. Utilising existing data to locate existing customers - and find more people like them.

Letterbox + digital = a perfect match

54% of readers have bought something from a catalogue in the last week, with 43% visiting a store after reading, and 20% visiting a website.

Pairing your digital assets with your letterbox campaign not only maximises customer engagement, it ensures your brand never misses an opportunity to impress the masses.

When the Holmesglen Institute of TAFE looked at additional channels to increase enrolments, the list of requirements was high. They needed a channel that would effectively hit their primary target audience, be cost effective, be scalable and repeatable, and achieve their overall goal of creating cut-through.

The answer? A highly targeted letterbox media campaign. Using precise targeting methodologies, Holmesglen was able to not only capture geo-targeted locations, but match up existing client data to target those areas that had the highest percentage of conversions.

Distributed quarterly to over 150,000 homes, the catalogue included digital CTAs like - social and web assets and QR integration. The result was a measured uplift of nearly 300%, with average call centre contacts shifting from 50 to 150 per day!

This equated to an additional $30k in business, far above their safeguarded letterbox media investment figures. Holmesglen now roll out a quarterly dispatch that matches this uplift every time.

Catalogues can be perceived as old fashioned, but in actual fact letterbox delivers some of the best targeted customer engagement and acquisition – particularly when your campaign includes digital CTAs.

Get thrifty, quickly

44% of readers say letterbox media influences their purchasing decisions, with 46% of readers either often or very often consider buying after reading.

Impressive figures, sure, but isn’t print media expensive? Isn’t it wasteful? Isn’t it… dying? Well, that depends which channel you’re looking at.

Here’s a good example. Clothing brand Rivers was printing and inserting 2.6 million catalogues into 70 different newspapers nationally, but facing a decline in sales. It was clear that they needed to turn around the effectiveness of their catalogue, and get it working harder for the business.

Basically, Rivers needed more people reading their catalogue, and more people buying from their catalogue.

After a robust analysis of the Rivers customer and store footprint, a solution was devised to print an additional 1.3 million catalogues, bringing the total up to 3.9 million a fortnight.That might sound illogical, but the important move was this: a switch from newspaper insertion to letterbox.

This channel change achieved less spend, and more sales. Not only were Rivers able to deliver 33% more catalogues, but they spent 45% less across print and media. This saw a directly attributable increase in sales of 6-11% across 87% of the stores nationwide.

Stand out from the pack with catalogue

Whether your brand’s selling sneakers or BBQs, new and powerful targeting tools are making letterbox media more influential than you think!

The modern catalogue is perhaps one of the most underestimated steps in your customer’s path to purchase. It gives people a reason to visit in-store or check out online, and reminds them of your brand’s existence outside of all constant stream of digital noise.

Most importantly, customers are choosing to engage with the catalogue in their own time - and and that makes for a happy shopper and even happier purchase.

Your customers are reading mail. But are they reading yours?

We can help you get in front of them, fast. To learn more about how Salmat can help you reach more customers call us on 1300 725 628.


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