How to unlock the power of digital catalogue analytics

by The Salmat Team
20 March 2017
How to unlock the power of digital catalogue analytics
Digital catalogue analytics is a highly valuable but greatly underestimated tool. By tracking how customers are engaging with your catalogues, you can market smarter and boost sales.

Businesses have been using catalogues for years to promote their goods and services that are on offer – first printed and now digital. Why? Because they work. They attract active browsers and turn them into customers but, as with any marketing campaign,success with catalogues comes down to making smart decisions at the planning and design stage – from the products you’re going to include, tothe discounts you’ll offer, as well as graphics, design and page positioning.
With printed brochures,these decisions were largely based on guess work or on post-sales stats which dripped in at an ineffectively slow rate. Today,however, digital catalogue analytics provide a wealth of insights to help you continually improve your catalogue campaigns.

Make analytics a priority 

Marketers today are certainly not oblivious to the benefits of analytics. When tracking and measuring the performance of websites and social media campaigns, they’re extremely well used.However, when it comes to catalogue analytics, the uptake has been a bit slower.


“It is a combination of lack of understanding and lack of time,” says Daniel Salter, Senior Manager at Salmat, when queried about his own experiences providing analytical support to retailers using Lasoo. As Salmat’s shopping aggregator site, it's software that automatically tracks engagement data for the digital catalogues it hosts.
“Once a retailer is given training to see how the analytics can help them with the decisions they make in their own business, they see value in it.”

Getreal-time data and insights

So what is this value? Shopping aggregator sites like Lasoo broaden your catalogues' reach and give customers a convenient and engaging way to shop. In the back end they track how people are engaging with the catalogue and serve up real-time data and insights for swift, informed decision-making.  
You can see how people have clicked on your catalogue, when they visited and what the most popular pages are. You can also find out which brands and products are the most popular, what offers spark the most interest and how they all converted. You can even see social interactions such as sharing on Facebook. 

Identify patterns of intent

“The real benefit of catalogue analytics is that it helps retailers identify patterns of customer intent," says Salter. "It tells them what they are interested in and gives the retailer an opportunity to react and provide a more personalised marketing experience.”
For example, by identifying the most popular themes and offers, it can help you design more effective printed and digital catalogues in the future.It can also help reduce friction and shortfalls at the top end of your sales funnel by giving you the information needed to stock your stores and train staff more efficiently in line with demand.

Case study: Howards Storage World

In 2015, national home storage franchise Howards Storage World launched a digital version of its catalogue and hosted it on Lasoo. By tracking engagements,the marketing team was able to glean new information which questioned some long-held assumptions about its catalogue.
Before using analytics,for example, the marketing department believed that all the top products and offers should be placed at the front. What they found,however, was that readers consume the whole catalogue, so these products and offers could be spread out.
They also discovered that broader storage themes offered more universal appeal, prompting them to move away from tightly focused issues. In addition, they are now able to accurately gauge interest in products and confidently share the top 20 most popular ones in a timely manner with the stores, so they can ensure that they are properly stocked to meet demand. 

Tailor it to your business

The key to getting the most out of your digital catalogue analytics is ensuring you give yourself enough time to get to grips with how it can help and howto navigate your way around the interface.
“We work with our Lasoo retailers in the beginning to help them design custom dashboards for their business,” says Salter. These custom dashboards make the process of extracting the information you're after much easier, by allowing you to view metrics at a glance and tailor what you see to suit your own needs.

Insights equal sales

Once you customise your data and commit to tracking your engagements on a regular basis,digital catalogue analytics has the power to help you make faster,better decisions, improve your marketing and, ultimately, boost your bottom line.

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