How to make letterbox an effective part of your next campaign

by The Salmat Team
13 October 2016

It’s easy to overlook, but the letterbox is a strong marketing option. Here’s how to make it an effective part of your next campaign.

Letterboxes are right in front of our noses, yet they’re the easiest marketing method to overlook. Those letterboxes could be the best marketing decision you’ve ever made, and there's a wide range of options available. Whether you choose a flyer, magazine, catalogue, or brochure for your next mailbox drop, here’s how to make the humble letterbox work for your business.

Who are you targeting?

The way to make your letterbox marketing campaign effective is to target the best demographic for your product. 

Try asking yourself:

  • Which geographic area will be best to target?
  • Do our customers need to be local?
  • Who is most likely to need or want our product or service?

Decide on where and when

Timing is everything in business. In addition to the locations you plan to target with your letterbox marketing, it’s vital to do it at the right time.

There may be a particular time that suits your product or service best – for example, if it’s a seasonal need, or a sale for a limited time – and the start and end times of the campaign must be built around this. You might also want to consider multiple drops, so you can space out your messaging across a few weeks, a season, or a year.

Create a great design

Grabbing the attention of your potential customers is key to translating your marketing campaign into sales. Think about the design of your collateral from your readers’ perspective. Will it catch their eye? Will the pictures and words make them curious? Have you told them how to find out more? Does the letterbox collateral have a clear call to action that you can track? 

And, most importantly, does your message almost jump out of the letterbox? Consider the range of tactile and sensory experiences that letterbox media can deliver – this article from B&T is a great place to start, looking at 8 letterbox media campaigns you wish you'd thought of. And it's not just the materials: creating the kind of catalogue that people look forward to reading starts with having a clear, consistent value proposition, like Aldi's 'Special Buys'. This sort of collateral gets customers genuinely excited when they open their mailbox with its bold design and reliable message.

Seek reputable advice

Whether this is your first letterbox marketing campaign or a regular occurrence for your business, you'll need to ask the professionals for a tailored plan. Outside consultants can reinvigorate an underperforming campaign by identifying new directions or amplifying existing company assets.

How to integrate letterbox into a multichannel marketing strategy

Our work for Australia's largest nursery retailer, Baby Bunting, demonstrates how an outside perspective can harness the potential within.

The business already collected store data, but by combining it with demographic data, we were able to identify a new pool of potential customers. Through this targeted approach to distribution, as well as hosting the catalogue on online aggregator Lasoo, Baby Bunting was able to boost its sales volumes and make letterbox a central component of its marketing strategy.

Consider your review methods

It’s important to measure your campaign’s effectiveness, and your plans for these review processes need to be put in place before the letterbox drop occurs. Measures of success can include the number of enquiries and an increase in sales, and you’ll need to put measures in place to draw a snapshot of which enquiries and sales have a direct link with the letterbox campaign. This isn't as difficult as it might seem – using promo codes on traditional campaigns, or reproducing a print catalogue digitally can give you valuable insights into customer responses, alongside sales data.

With the right planning and a great professional team behind you, your letterbox campaign could be the most successful marketing you’ve ever done.

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