How to find the right outsourcing partner

by Sean Baker
27 March 2017
How to find the right outsourcing partner
Gone are the days of handing over full control to an outsourcing partner, today it’s all about the partnership.

Outsourcing can be fraught with potential hazards for companies that enter the process without carefully choosing a partner that suits their individual needs and circumstances.
On a sliding scale, how much control do you wish to have over your outsourced operations? Does your supplier give you the choice to decide your level of involvement?

Not only can picking the wrong partner be damaging to a company’s bottom line, it can also dent important parts of a business including brand, reputation, and staff morale.

The goal is to find a company that can grow with your business and become a long-term partner.
That’s why it’s essential for Australian companies, both large and small, to invest the time and effort in selecting an outsourcing partner with a strong track record, and the requisite skills and expertise both to accelerate growth and reduce costs for clients.



It’s critical that a prospective partner defines the level of control the client has upfront. Look for a collaborative approach where you can choose your level of involvement – whether you wish to handover control or be involved in recruitment and management of offshore employees, you can choose. 

Cultural fit 

It's no secret that when dealing with an overseas partner, cultural differences can make doing business difficult. It can impact everything from communication, expectations, recruitment, to planning.
That's why you must do your due diligence on a supplier’s cultural capabilities before signing on the dotted line.
Before inking a deal with an outsourcing partner, ensure that its communication and culture fit with your own, and check it has solid English-language capacity. English is the official language of the Philippines, for example so there are no language barriers to overcome. 

The evolution of CX


Another essential aspect of an outsourcing partner lies on the staffing side. After all, this is one of the core services Australian companies are looking for when they shift work overseas.
Salmat’s own MicroSourcing, a leading player in the burgeoning offshoring industry, has more than 30 full-time recruitment specialists who identify and screen the best talent in the market.


Standards and performance

Another critical consideration is your supplier’s ability to keep staff motivated and skilled. This can be particularly challenging in the outsourcing industry, which has been troubled by high employee attrition numbers (in some cases as high as 60%).
That’s why savvy providers will have a performance management and career development framework which takes care of the full cycle of onboarding staff, providing a clear career path to managing performance. Engaged staff perform better and stay longer with the company.



You also need a supplier who can grow with your company so you can meet changing customer and workforce demands. A great example is BrickHouse Security, a security and surveillance company headquartered in New York City. 

The company turned to MicroSourcing when it realised that its operations manager was spending 60% of her time firefighting.

In 2015 the company moved its operations team of 35 people to the Philippines and hired an additional 20 agents to take calls. These agents have since expanded their roles to include other administrative tasks. Meanwhile, the team’s CSAT rating has increased significantly.
Finding the right outsourcing partner can help you unlock your business's full potential today. If you're ready to grow but wary of the costs involved, it might just be the solution you need.

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About the author
Sean Baker
Head of Sales – MicroSourcing

Sean Baker is a Philippines outsourcing specialist with extensive experience in creating operational excellence and building dynamic teams offshore. Today Sean represents MicroSourcing, a Salmat company, by helping companies in Australia and New Zealand set up offshore teams to reduce wage cost and onshore operational expenses in order to create competitive advantage. If you are interested in establishing your own team in the Philippines, Sean is the guy that will make your venture successful.

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