How digital transformation is simplifying contact centre processes

by The Salmat Team
08 September 2016

As the new digital consumer demands seamless customer service delivered across devices, your contact centre is a key player in a new era of digital transformation.

According to Accenture’s Global Consumer Pulse Research study: “Nearly two-thirds [of consumers] said they use online channels across sales, marketing, and service because of their speed and convenience, while just over half said they have become more impatient.”
And if they don’t get what they want, the new digital consumer is more likely to switch providers. The Accenture study also revealed that 64% of consumers switched provider due to poor customer service.
Your contact centre is on the front line of this digital transformation, and customers are judging you based on how easy it is to do business with you.
The solution for many companies is to provide effective self-service channels that allow the always-connected consumer to access services and support across any device, from anywhere, at any time.
This, in turn, frees your call centre agents to focus on high-value tasks and offer more efficient voice support to customers when they need it.
However, building self-service channels that are integrated with and supported by your contact centre requires organisation-wide innovation. Here’s how to get started.

Go mobile for 24/7 self-service

Mobile is a must when it comes to meeting the service expectations of the new digital consumer. Offer self-service portals via smartphone apps that allow customers to manage their accounts 24/7, while also providing easy access to call centre agents when they require additional support.

The MyOptus App is a solid example of this. Not only can customers use the app to keep track of their calls, text, and data usage, but users can also switch on/off international roaming, and link and manage all prepaid phone and mobile broadband services.


The MyOptus App allows customers to manage their account 24/7.

Integrate systems for seamless service

Integrate your contact centre processes with your self-service portal to deliver the fast and coherent customer service that consumers demand. For example, a cutting-edge self-service mobile app means little if your customers are forced to waste time re-entering their account details when seeking call centre support.

Developing for personalisation, both on your website and app, with extensions such as autofill functionality, ensures a better user experience (UX).


Commercial Bank of Dubai web chat

The Commercial Bank of Dubai has an online chat function on its website.

Get employee buy-in to drive engagement

Contact centre agents may suspect that self-service portals are a low-cost method to replace human workers. This is not the case. Ensure your people understand their ongoing role in helping your organisation achieve its overall customer service goals.

Also, consider involving them in the system design to encourage employee buy-in. You can ensure you close the loop on your marketing-to-sales efforts by bringing the two teams together – your call centre staff can provide some incredible insights into the business.

Track data to evolve your customer service

Self-service portals will deliver rich new customer data that you can analyse to identify and fulfil evolving customer expectations. For example, tracking the most common reasons for customer contact will help you remove any sticking points in your service processes that are frustrating your customers.

Use this information to rationalise your FAQs and to develop new content for your website. In a search-first age, we head to search engines to help us solve everything – addressing customer pain points and challenges online means you can be there from the very beginning.

Delivering fast and efficient customer service across devices is non-negotiable to satisfy the demands of the new digital consumer. Integrating your self-service portals with your contact centre processes is the key to providing best-practice customer service that will boost customer retention and improve brand loyalty.

Ready to take the next step? Salmat’s contact centre solutions bring together the right people, technology, and processes in the best onshore, near-shore, and offshore locations to help you get closer to your customers.

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