Have you considered traditional channels lately?

by Jill Park
01 June 2018
Interactive Minds
Salmat’s Head of Sales & Client Engagement, Andrew Lane presented to digital marketers about the power of letterbox at this month’s Interactive Minds event in Sydney.

It’s so easy to dismiss letterbox as a marketing channel if you’ve never used it. The power of catalogues and flyers was always something that was taken as a given in times gone by. However, for young marketers coming through the ranks, they may not have been exposed to the channel and so may not fully understand what is possible with the channel today.

Which is why we were very pleased to be invited along to the Sydney chapter of Interactive Minds to speak at their session titled: Traditional and Digital: Getting the Right Mix. 

Interactive Minds has been running for nine years and brings together digital marketers to hear from experts and connect with peers. The group decided to run a session about traditional channels after receiving lots of requests from members who were in the dark about how campaigns are built on these channels in modern times.

Marketers vs. Consumers

Salmat Head of Sales & Client Engagement, Andrew Lane opened the session with a presentation about the power of letterbox. He started by talking to our recent Salmat Marketing Report where we discovered the disconnect between the channels marketers valued and those consumers deemed most important.

Salmat Marketing Report 2018

Of the top six channels used by marketers and consumers, brand website is the only one they have in common. Interestingly, from our point of view, catalogues featured prominently on the consumers’ list with 34% saying printed catalogues or flyers influence their purchase decisions. 

However, catalogues shouldn’t be used in isolation. Andrew pointed to our work with Clark Rubber. We worked with the long-standing brand on an omni-channel approach that encompassed their letterbox, digital catalogue, search and display campaigns. The insights from each channel were used to inform and optimise the others.

The results? We were able to increase overall traffic by 11% YoY, while revenue increased a staggering 70% YoY. 

You see, what people don’t realise about letterbox – especially if they haven’t used it in a while – is the targeting capabilities of the platform rival those of digital. At Salmat, we bring together complex data sources, spanning Salmat Marketfind, Roy Morgan data, Helix Personas, Geo Tribes and our own proprietary mapping tool, Swiftplan. 

Being targeted in our campaigns not only means that the message gets to the right person, but it can save brands from wasting money on distributing to an irrelevant audience. 

Targeting and segmentation in letterbox

Another complaint often levelled at the channel is that you can’t guarantee delivery. This is something we at Salmat have tackled head on with the launch of salmathub. Developed by Salmat, salmathub provides delivery mapping detail, giving you complete transparency over your letterbox campaign. 

Reach 17 million homes

But how does letterbox stack up against other channels? At Salmat, we can reach 17 million Australians weekly. It is fair to say, the channel’s reach is considerable, holding a dominant position over television, magazines, commercial radio and newspapers. 

However, this only matters if people are interested in receiving the medium. Andrew discussed how different demographic groups interacted with catalogue and bought from catalogue. Some 82% of Millennials, for instance, read catalogues and more than half look forward to receiving it.  

Demographics snapshot letterbox

But catalogue should not be considered in isolation. If you use television for example, there is little guarantee that you will reach the same audience with letterbox. Or if you use cinema advertising, you could reach a completely different audience with letterbox. These stats from Roy Morgan emphasise this point.

According to letterbox readers:

  • 73% have not watched pay TV in last 7 days
  • 73% have not been to the cinema in the last 4 weeks
  • 66% have not read a local/community newspaper the last 7 days
  • 52% have not read a newspaper in the last 7 days

So, when planning your upcoming marketing mix, don’t rule out traditional channels out of hand. 

Thank you to Interactive Minds for having us speak at the Sydney event. We look forward to attending next month’s event.

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