Ensuring Your Website Is Socially Sharable

by Alison Lee
03 June 2013

Part of creating an effective online presence is to also ensure your website is optimised for social media sharing. Pinterest is creating tools through their 'Business Pages' to enable a richer experience for their users to share content. It is becoming increasingly important to take into consideration SEO and social media when building a website.

It is important for a business to create a strong online presence as the world becomes more digital. Part of creating a website involves ensuring your information is optimized for SEO, however it is also important to consider how your website is optimised for social media.

Social media sharing is becoming one of the most engaging and powerful mechanisms for discovering content. For brands and retailers, the challenge is to ensure their content is easily sharable by their audience to social media, potentially creating 'viral moments'.

Pinterest is one of the main social media platforms and since the launch of Pinterest ‘Business pages’, many developments have been made to enable brands to measure and drive Pinterest users to their online stores.

Pinterest’s next move is to introduce ‘Rich Pins’ which aim to increase the propensity for a Pinterest user to take action when they see something they like. This is focused to help websites focused on e-commerce, recipe blogs and movies. Rich Pins will “automatically update details like prices, availability…” and give prominence to the retailer or brand the Pin came from.

Read more about ‘Rich Pins’ on the Pinterest website. Will you be preparing your website for ‘Rich Pins’?

Alison is the Marketing Manager at Lasoo and is passionate about utilising social media to generate brand awareness. View her Google+ profile.

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Alison Lee is the Marketing Manager at Lasoo.com.au - a shopping aggregation & catalogue website. She has successfully executed social media campaigns that have resulted in increased sales, national television and radio PR coverage and strategic partnerships for the business.

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