How To Create A Killer eBook Marketing Campaign

by Wasif Kasim
28 September 2015

eBook campaigns are an essential element of any inbound marketing strategy. But creating an e-book marketing campaign is not as cut and dry as it may seem.

This checklist will make sure you tick every box to get the best ROI for your efforts.

Our free checklist will help you:

1. Create your ebook content

2. Promote your ebook through multiple channels

3. Boost and nurture your leads

4. Make your ebook campaigns more effective

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How To Create A Killer eBook Marketing Campaign
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About the author
Wasif Kasim
Campaign Manager - Digital

Wasif Kasim is the Campaign Manager - Digital for Salmat with over 8 years of experience across Fortune 500, consulting & start-up organisations. Wasif is passionate about inbound marketing, content marketing, and all things digital. He specialises in growing marketing driven leads, conversion optimisation, sales and ultimately business results.

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