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Drive Your Bottom Line With A Pop­-up Contact Centre

by Matt Carracher
18 January 2016

In fact, 75% of all customer interactions are handled via a call centre.

The same research shows that it is the quality, not quantity, of these customer interactions that are proving to be as important to driving your bottom line as they to increasing customer satisfaction.

However, during times of crisis, quality can be difficult to maintain.

When an unexpected event arises – natural disaster, product recall, or negative PR – a pop­up contact centre can not only manage increased call volumes, but also your customer perceptions and interactions when they matter most.

Here’s how.

Hit the ground

When Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of the USA, Xerox swung into action to join the American Red Cross to fuel a pop­up call centre to raise funds for those affected.  

A pop­up contact center was set up in a Xerox training room, with 40 employees donating their time to answer phones and take donations. Within hours, the pop­up handled 940 calls, and overall, the event raised nearly $1million.

The Xerox pop­up successfully managed a sudden, short spurt of calls – and then ‘popped­down’ just as quickly. The key is to enable a fast response to handle an increased level of calls.

A pop­up contact centre can also test the ground where the business case for investment in a permanent centre is not yet proven.

Pop­up call centres not only give your customers and callers a maintained level of service, even when there is a pressing problem to solve, but they can also enable strategic growth when your resources are at a premium.

Mind your resources

Research shows that, in just one year, call centre contact can grow inbound sales from 11% to 17%.

If you don’t have access to the technology to set up in­house, pop­up contacts centres can be easily outsourced to a third party.

Call centre outsourcers can provide you with the right resources bundled up in a package, ready to go. The three most important resources an outsourced pop­up call centre can provide? People, space and budget:

Pop­up contact centre outsourcers have agents on hand to get your pop­up contact centre up and running fast

Most outsourcers operate multi­tenant spaces, so it’s likely there will always be an opening to accommodate your needs at short notice.

Short­-term pop­-up contact centres are designed for high volume, which means you avoid overheads of running a call centre during slow periods.

Alternatively, if you want your own people on the phones, technology is getting smarter with accelerated user training for software, which allows you to clue­up your team and be operating quickly.

While a healthy trajectory of industry growth is painting a positive picture for the current state of the call centre, there is still much opportunity for marketers to sharpen their CX to ease common caller pain points. In times of urgency, the pop­up call centre is your key to driving overall customer happiness, retention and loyalty while at the same time maintaining your bottom line.

How does your call centre measure up in the customer satisfaction stakes? Learn more about Salmat's contact centre offering here or call us on 1300 725 628.


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