Data And The Letterbox: A Game Plan For Success

by Salmat
26 November 2013

Targeting is the key to a catalogue campaign that drives consumer action. But without the right data insights, how can you achieve the results you want?

Catalogues are as strong as ever. Recent research shows 60% of consumers were either interested or very interested in the catalogues they received and 54.3% were more likely to shop with a retailer as a direct result of receiving their catalogue (*1) .

But there’s potential for catalogues to be stronger still. At least 45% of businesses are not using data effectively to personalise communications (*2). So imagine the results these businesses would see if they were using data insights in their letterbox marketing.

Data holds the insights into who your customers are and what motivates them. If catalogues or letterbox advertising are part of your marketing mix, you should be using all available customer insights and data to identify exactly who to target and the best way to target them. Right person, right message, right time.

Rich data, rich results

One way to achieve this is to enrich your customer data, inside and out. Adding profile data from external sources – the household expenditure survey, geodemographic tagging and the ABS Census variables – will provide rich insights into customers’ behaviour.

There are also plenty of information sources inside your business which can provide insights into how and why the customer buys – family accounts or loyalty programs, transaction history, delivery locations, and experiences such as social media.

Once you have this information, the next step is to identify clusters of customers with common characteristics by area. In other words, map the geographic regions most concentrated with individuals that represent your target audience, or various target audiences. All that remains is to target these different customer segments with more personalised letterbox campaigns.

A great example of this in action is Westpac. To deliver a truly local banking experience, Westpac worked with Salmat to conduct a detailed customer data analysis, tagging every customer with x and y coordinates to redefine exactly what suburbs and streets should be associated with each branch and ATM.

The customer’s letterbox was identified as the most effective way for Westpac to utilise their newfound customer targeting capabilities. They delivered a range of personalised campaigns to over 600 individual branch catchments, each with its own creative execution, through both addressed and unaddressed mail. To achieve true multichannel integration, all 600 branch managers’ details were also loaded into synchronised local search engine marketing campaigns.

Aim high

In today’s competitive marketplace, data insights should be part of every letterbox campaign, helping you achieve better customer engagement and return on investment. To look at it another way – without taking the time to profile, analyse, target and segment your customers, you could be spending a lot of time and money on the “wrong” customers.

1) Roy Morgan July 2012

2) http://monetate.com/infographic/the-retailers-guide-to-big-data/

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