Are You Closing The Loop On Your Sampling Campaigns?

by Sarah Pike
12 October 2015

Do you know what your target audience thinks of your product? Can you say whether your letterbox sampling campaign engaged the right people? Will they buy your product if they see it in-store? If you’re struggling to answer questions like these, then you’re not effectively closing the loop on your letterbox sampling campaigns.

Closing the loop is a key phase of any letterbox sampling campaign – or any direct mail campaign, for that matter. It provides you with the feedback you need to make essential decisions around what comes next, whether that’s even more targeted sampling, changes to the product, or something else.

So what’s the best way to close the loop on your sampling campaign? By driving people online.

Here’s how to get your target audience to make the move online:

Add a QR code

QR codes are a simple and effective way to make your sampling campaign more interactive. Users can quickly and easily scan the QR code (a 2D barcode) using their smartphone or tablet, which then leads them to an online landing page. The trick is to make sure your QR code is prominent, clear and has a strong call-to-action enticing people to scan.

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Create a landing page

actual reality ebookDesign a landing page especially for each mailing, so you can keep a close eye on how many and, most importantly, which people scan the QR code. As well as the short feedback form, don’t miss the opportunity to add value for your customers/prospects with:

1. Exclusive digital content, like the new TVC, videos, recipes etc.

2. Invite them to sign up for your newsletter for more exclusive content and offers

3. Direct them to follow the brand’s social media profiles for more updates, news and content

4. Provide specific information about the brand and products

Remember, people will be using their smartphone or tablet to scan the QR code, so it’s essential the destination is mobile friendly.

Integrate SMS

SMS is an effective way to get on-the-go feedback from customers, while providing them with something tangible in return. For example, if you send out two new flavours of tea, ask recipients to text in their favourite flavour. Or you can ask them to rank it from 1 to 5, based on how likely they are to purchase it. As a reward, you can reply with a time-sensitive discount code.

What makes SMS feedback so valuable is that it is instant. So if your product or service is experienced out of the home, you don’t have to wait until they return home to receive feedback; it can be gathered immediately, on the spot. This improves the quality of the feedback.

Add a USB web key

Attaching a USB web-key to your sample is a great way to involve people even deeper into the sampling experience. There are lots of advantages to a USB web key. Firstly, the web-key eliminates the need for consumers to type in the URL, so there is one less barrier to gathering feedback. It also gives recipients something they can keep and use, meaning your brand is in their hands for longer than the duration of the campaign.

As with the landing page, this is a great opportunity to educate your target audience about your brand and products, and increase the chances of conversion. Pre-load the USB key with content, such as videos, how-to guides and more, or direct them to a landing page with personalised content.

Create a clear call-to-action

Whichever method you choose, the key to success comes down to having a strong and clear call-to-action. Tell the recipient exactly what they should do next and why.

Make them an offer they can’t refuse

Remember, the recipients are taking time out of their day to provide you feedback, so be sure to always give them something in return, whether that’s an exclusive offer, content or something else.

Test everything

The worse thing you can do is let an error in the QR code or web-key ruin the experience you have so carefully curated. Test everything, and test it again, to ensure you give your target audience a seamless experience from start to finish.

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About the author
Sarah Pike
Chief Marketing Officer

Sarah Pike is a recognised expert in marketing and building brands. As Salmat’s first CMO, Sarah brings masses of experience in multi-channel marketing and the smart use of big data and analytics. She spent the past 18 years in the telecoms, mobile, TV, technology and digital sectors in Australia, Europe and the USA.

Like all great marketers, Sarah loves nothing more than a transformation. Prior to Salmat, Sarah was Optus’s VP of consumer broadband. She drove the transformation of the Optus Broadband & TV business, establishing new thought platforms to challenge Telstra and position Optus as the alternate brand of choice. And all this before her second cup of tea.

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