Australian Privacy Principles - 2014

by Salmat
19 February 2014

The new Australian Privacy Legislation is due to go live on 12th March 2014. New data protection laws to be introduced restrict how Australian businesses collect, store and use data. The key changes include:

  • Businesses must show transparency with regards to the use of a customers’ or prospected customers’ personal information. This communication needs to occur on a regular basis.
  • The Australian Privacy Legislation also gives the customer or prospect the opportunity to remain anonymous, unless this is deemed impractical.
  • It also states that all personal information collected must directly relate to the business purpose at hand; Ensuring that all personal information held must be up to date, accurate, relevant and not misleading.

Failure to comply could result in fines from the Australian Privacy Commissioner of $1.7m for each contravention.

Salmat Digital's team of marketing experts will be helping clients become compliant on a range of digital based communications. This may include:

  • Email Templates
  • Newsletters
  • Weekly Offer Messages
  • Web-based Data Capture forms
  • Email Preference Centres

Any digital communications that are sent or presented by a business will need to be reviewed.

More details on the changes can be found on the Australian Government website Privacy law reform website.

Compliance Assessment

At the request of our clients, Salmat will conduct a Privacy reform health check of all digital marketing communications and provide a comprehensive compliance report with recommendations detailing how you can become compliant when the online privacy laws commence.

Email Templates

Your email templates are assessed, and Salmat will help re-design your templates to ensure you're compliant. We can also help with optimising your templates with responsive design. This may include creating notification statements and a link to the Privacy Policy Statement in the footer of the template. Pricing will be dependent on how you are currently setup.

Data Capture

Your existing web forms are assessed, and Salmat will help out with re-designing, build and configuring your forms to ensure you're compliant. This will potentially involve simplifying the fields within the form, and will also include details of the notifications and a link to the Privacy Policy Statement at the bottom of the web form. Pricing will be dependent on how you are currently setup.

Customer Profile Refresh

Salmat help you create and manage a once-off email broadcast to your marketing database with a call to action to 'update your profile;' includes template creation, any inclusions of dynamic content (if segmentation of base is available) and delivery of your mailing, with the inclusion of a mailing summary report. Pricing will be dependent on how you are currently setup.

Conduct a Compliance Assessment today!

To learn more about Salmat's marketing services, call us today on 1300 725 628.

Terms and conditions

Limitations apply to the compliance assessment and is available to Australian businesses only. Bookings must be made via the Account Representative or the - Web form. Salmat's assessment acts as a guide to become compliant and is not legal advice. This document is not intended to be a definitive or exhaustive review of all Australian Privacy Principles requirements, but merely a process that explores possible areas for improvement. Clients are encouraged to seek advice on their APP compliance framework. Salmat cannot be held liable for any claim, damage or demand resulting from this offer. Assessments will be scheduled based on the availability of Salmat Digital resources. We will notify you on approximate turnaround times once the assessment is booked in. The assessments are done at Company’s absolute discretion. Salmat reserves the right to modify, suspend, terminate or cancel the services as appropriate.

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