Are you making the most of your digital catalogue?

by Daniel Salter
10 October 2017
Are you making the most of your digital catalogue?
Don't underestimate the power of a digital catalogue. Make sure your business is making the most of the insights this valuable asset can provide.

Not only do more than two million people say they read a digital catalogue each month, but seven out of 10 readers make a purchase as a result. As well as showcasing your products and boosting sales, digital catalogues can also heighten your efforts in other unexpected ways. 

So, are you getting the most out of your digital catalogue? Ask yourself the following questions:

Is it easy for your readers to convert?

If your digital catalogue is nothing more than a static PDF, it’s time to rethink. Thanks to clever technology, such as Lasoo’s Universal Catalogue, you can now offer a much more interactive experience. As well as adding functionality that lets readers hover over products for more information, you can direct potential customers straight from the product offer to your online store, or to a store locator on your website.

Are you using it for testing?

Getting the messaging, offers, and placements in your catalogue wrong can be costly in print. That’s why your digital catalogue should be viewed not only as a different medium, but also as a testing ground for your designs and offers. Analytics allow you to understand how readers interact with your catalogue – what works, what doesn't. These learnings can then be applied to your print catalogue.

Can it inform your stock levels?

As well as using digital catalogue analytics to inform the design of your catalogues, you can use these insights to merchandise your store more efficiently. For example, Howards Storage World is able to fill its stores with the most popular products featured in its digital catalogue so their stores are stocked with the most popular products when the weekend comes.

Are you promoting it?

You can do more with your digital catalogue than simply adding it to your website. By hosting it on a shopping aggregator site, such as Lasoo, you can extend your reach by up to 500,000 customers a month and position your business and products alongside big household names. Browsers are also able to share your products via social media, giving your marketing an added boost. 
Combined with the right technology, digital catalogues can not only complement your other marketing efforts, they can also iron out the conversion kinks, help you make better, and timely, design and stock decisions, and reach a wider, more engaged audience.
Find out more about Lasoo, Salmat’s digital catalogue solution here, or call us on 1300 725 628.

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Daniel Salter
National Sales Director - Lasoo

Having completed a Bachelor’s degree in E-commerce Daniel was first employed by IBM, which put his trajectory on the path towards Salmat, where in 2007, he set up Salmat's Digital Catalogue business with Paul Marshall and Matt Mason. Today, Daniel is a Business Consultant within the Group Solutions Team, where he spends his time looking for new opportunities to differentiate and innovate Salmat's Media business by analysing market trends and listening to what Salmat's retail customers want.

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