7 Ways To Grow Your Email Subscriber List…Fast!

by Wasif Kasim
31 August 2015

A staggering 91% of people check their email every day. So how can you make sure your brand is in their inbox, waiting to surprise and delight them with unique offers and content? Here are seven ways to make your email subscriber list soar.

Back in 1978, marketing manager Gary Thuerk sent an email to a few hundred people promoting machines by his company, Digital Equipment Corp. Little did he know this would result in a massive $13 million worth of sales and that, more importantly, he would become the Father of Email Marketing as we know it.

Today every digital marketer is looking for ways to grow their email list – especially because email marketing boasts average conversion rates of 4.16%, higher than social media and search combined. At the same time, the average email list suffers from a churn rate of about 30% per year.

So to actually grow your list takes more effort than you might think. Take your eye off the ball and it won’t be long before your list is dangerously short.  

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Here are 7 tactics that can help you accelerate your email list growth and increase conversion rates:

1. Use pop-ups to grab attention

Encourage people to sign up to your email list by using a call-to-action method that can’t be missed: pop-ups. As marketers, we hate pop-ups. They’re too obvious and downright annoying. But frankly, it doesn’t matter what we think because they are incredibly effective.

Pop-up boxes are the method of choice for many successful bloggers and marketers. Some sites have experienced as much as a 1,375 percent increase in subscribers simply by adding a popup. Test different wording and styles to see which generates the best response. And remember, even if the visitor doesn’t sign up there and then, the pop-up has done the job of letting them know there is something to sign up to.

Growth Hack: The easier it is for people to see your email sign-up box, the more subscribers you'll get. Make it big, bold and colourful with a simple form. And be sure to make it easy for people to click away if they’re not interested.

2. Give away free, valuable content

Make it worth their while. Offer web visitors something they’ll value, such as an e-book, white paper or exclusive content, in exchange for their contact information. They get something useful for free, and you get more contacts for your email list. With 94% of marketers finding e-books the most effective forms of content, it’s worth spending some time creating the right content to compel your audience into action.

Growth Hack: Dangle the carrot of high quality, relevant content and your target audience will be more willing to provide their contact details to access it.

3. Webinars are more effective than you think

Marketers consistently rate webinars among the top five most effective content tactics, according to the Content Marketing Institute. Those who include webinars in their content marketing strategy experienced stronger customer engagement, better brand awareness and a better ROI than those who don’t. So it makes sense to use them as a tactic to grow your email marketing list. And even if they decide not to attend the webinar, you can use email marketing to nurture the relationship in other creative ways.  

Growth Hack: Use webinars as the drawcard to grow your email marketing list, and benefit from one of the most effective marketing tactics there is.

4. Use compelling language and provide actionable tips

Whatever type of content or offer you choose to entice visitors, ensure your capture form makes it clear what’s in it for them. Instead of “Join our newsletter”, use language like "Give me free tips on how I can grow my business, faster with digital marketing". This way it’s about them getting value, not you.

For B2B subscribers, you need to provide actionable tips in all your content. Not all marketers want to trudge through long content to get to the good bits. They want to be able to skim content fast and take away key points that they can use straight away to get better results.

Growth Hack: Choose your words carefully so your audience clearly sees the value in providing their contact details.

5. Get opt-ins, everywhere

Your website and blog aren’t the only places to gather email addresses. Think of everyone you interact with online as a potential subscriber or future customer. Use your email program to generate a universal link to a sign-up form. Then post that link in tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn groups, affiliate blogs, on your email signature, and anywhere else your target audience is engaging with your brand.

Growth Hack: Include sign-up links in all your communications to reach the widest possible audience of potential subscribers.

6. Go offline to grow your online list

Take your recruitment tactics offline. There are countless ways to grow your email marketing list offline as well as online. Think trade events, print advertising, in-store signage, direct mail, pop-up kiosks and more. Always use your valuable content as bait, as outlined above. For example, use signage at your trade stand to advertise a free e-book. Make it easy for them to sign up on the spot and they can enjoy reading the e-book before the event is over.  

Growth Hack: Many hands make light work. Encourage all staff, everywhere, to sign up new email subscribers and make it easy for them to do so.

7. Encourage all staff to get onboard

Get everyone involved in capturing email subscribers at any and every opportunity. Your contact centre staff, sales team, in-store team, events team – everyone can play a role. Start by educating them on why email subscriptions are so important. And make it easy for them to encourage subscribers by providing the right tools and technology. For example, events and in-store staff could have an iPad with an easy sign-up form to get a great e-newsletter full of exclusive offers, articles and even previews. .

Growth Hack: Many hands make light work. Encourage all staff, everywhere, to sign up new email subscribers and make it easy for them to do so.

Never lose momentum

The quality of an email list degrades 22.5% per year on average, so it’s essential to keep your momentum going. The better your tactics, the more likely you are to have a list of consumers who are truly interested in what you can offer. And, ultimately, that’s the secret to converting your list of email subscribers into loyal customers.

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